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Sisters missing a brother they never got to know…

Can you help, will you help…

This is a link to their story. Sisters seek brother who was adopted in 1971

I know there are times that maybe adoptees do not want to be found. I do not believe this is one of those times. I feel, in my heart, that he would love to know how missed and loved he has been for so long.

This is a New Year, one that I hope will bring a family back together. Siblings are the most important part of a family unit. Let’s help these sisters find this piece of the puzzle that has been missing for so long.


xx, Tracy...



6 thoughts on “Sisters missing a brother they never got to know…

  1. How wonderful that the sisters were able to be can take lots of digging around to find a loved one, but they all sound diligent in their quest to find their sad about the abuse and neglect on their mother’s part. 😦


  2. Thank you so much for sharing our story on your page…as of today, January 8, 2011, Brian’s 41st birthday, we still have not found him. Sometimes it can be so frustrating. We have found lists available online that contain people born on a specific day but that list is so dauntingly long. I have attempted to contact those on the list that at this point I was able to locate all to no avail (although we did have one close call, turns out the one we contacted fit all the criteria, same hospital, same DOB, but he was raised by his biological mother and adopted only by his step father 😦 did make a new friend out of it in the end though. )
    Those of you who are reading this…please….if you are on ANY social network….share the Bangor Daily News article on your page someone who knows you or knows someone who knows you, may have the key to unlock this. I was the last one of the girls to be located. My sister, Laurie, who is the one who found all of us girls ended up after YEARS of searching, found me on MySpace on Sept 30, 2007.
    Again and again….thank you for sharing our story 🙂 btw…in the story I am the one in the bottom right hand of the photo frame wearing the grey and red top the one in the photo with me is my beautiful and wonderful sister Laurie 🙂


    1. I hope the story gets all over the place.
      Please keep me posted on any news you get and I will keep popping this story up as well.

      I have good feelings that he will be found!! 😀


  3. January 8, 2012…another year has gone by with no new leads on how to locate our brother 😦 We KNOW he is out there…and when the time is right everything will come together…just wishing that time was now ;( Please continue to repost this story on any social network….someone, somewhere will recognize the facts and lead Brian home to us.


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