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So perfect, so me!!


Peace out! ❤

The past few years I haven’t done the Halloween thing. Bums me out as Halloween is a favorite day for me. I used to always dress up and hand out candy. Scaring kids was and added plus for me. 😛



Witchy Woman

Witchy Woman

I WILL bite you...

I WILL bite you…

Tomorrow is going to be so exciting for me. My former nurse and now my BFF Don is having a pumpkin carving contest party at his home. I’M GOING TO DRESS UP!! It’s been so long since getting out my Halloween gear; dress, wigs, jewelry, makeup, etc. Steph and her crew are going, as well as my family. I can’t wait to meet Don’s friends and make some new friends in the process. It’s the little things in life that make so happy. I won’t be doing any carving myself, as knives and me don’t go together very well.

So, YAY for me!! I’m finally getting out and doing things again. Taking baby steps, or rolls. lol

Peace out!

Love and Light

Wish I cold do this! Spooky

Wish I cold do this! Spooky

Just call me Grandma!! bahahaha


NOT MY LEG!! Wrong gender. lol Just say no to Jr. High tube socks!! lmao

So the orthopedics office called and said these braces will be better for me to start with, due to the tightness of my tendons. These will help to stretch them out easier. I CAN work these bitches. First NO tube socks, no man legs, cute different colored laces, some fun cute socks, and my hot skinny calves! Maybe even some Swarovski crystals all over. Yeah baby!!

Again, I got this!!

Hi my name is Tracy, and I’m a Candy Crush-aholic!

This game is highly addictive. Thanks to one of my favorite people, my stepmom, I’m addicted. I actually play a lot of games. They keep my mind occupied. When you’re stuck in bed most of the time,  it’s good to have an outlet. And games are my thing. My neurologist says it’s good to play them as they keep your mind active. Well if that’s true, then my mind is active all the time.

Level 257 bitches!

Level 257 bitches!

I play this and a few others on my MAC, my iPad, and my iPhone. I know, I need to get a life! lol But, this is my life. I’ve had to learn to let go of many things and find new things to replace them. Thanks to the internet, I found games!! Woot Woot!


At this time, I’m getting ready to watch, Alfred Hitchcock Presents. He was a twisted little man. Probably why I like his shows. The Birds [1963] is a favorite of mine. Years ago I was in Bodega Bay and they still have the ‘fake’ crows on the school fences and around the town. Totally creepy, but wickedly cool. Psycho [1960] is another favorite. There are so many of his works I love. Wicked is as wicked does! 😛

Good Evening!

Good Evening!

Off for now and back to Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Kids are all out with friends, hubby getting ready for bed, so quiet time with TV for me. Ahhhhh silence!

love and light

Update: December 23

Thanks to so many, we have raised 240.00 and the MS society may donate 300.00 as well. WOOT WOOT!

Gifts will be sent out this month to all who have donated. If anyone else is interested, please feel free to read this blog for more information!


This is a personal fundraiser for my dd Ashley. Ashley’ band has the opportunity to go to NYC Spring 2011. They will be going to: The Empire State Bldg., Hard Rock Cafe, A Broadway Play, Times Square, Bubba Gump, Statue of Liberty, NY Philharmonic at Lincoln Center, and the piesta resistance …their band will be performing in a NYC Parade!!

The cost for this trip is 1500.00 + any monies for her to have while in NYC. It includes all of the above plus round trip airfare and the Hotel.

New York...New York

This, IMHO, is a chance of a lifetime for her and she deserves to go. She has been Principal’s list for 6 years, President’s list for 5. She is in all IB/Honors classes and plays in Marching Band and Concert Band. She also played 2 years AYSO Soccer while still keeping a 4.0. This is not to brag [ok it is a little] but to explain why I feel she deserves to go on this trip.

This is how the fundraiser will work. For any donation 10.00 or over you will receive a surprise hand made accessory made by me. Accessories will range from cell phone charms/lanyards, bracelets, to necklaces or more. 100% will go to her trip.

If you are able to donate, please click the donate button. After you log in, click the send money, then personal, then gift. In the notes please write; NYC Fundraiser. Make sure your address shows up for your hand made item from me.

There is an awesome pair of baked clay UGG’s [discontinued color] here for sale. The money from these is also going into her fund. 🙂

Thanks everyone!!

xx, Tracy…



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It was a weird day. lol Drama in a group I am in. So hate when people cannot admit they did something wrong and then turn it into ‘poor me’! There are certain tems and words that NO ONE should say or write. How hard is it to know this. Sadly I called the person on this offensive word and she just did not get it! I feel sad for her really. Oh well, maybe one day she will get it! Not my problem. She left and all is calm and friendly again!

My kids each had a friend over for the day. Six teenagers in the house!! I thought I would lose my mind, but it was a very nice evening. We got them all pizza, they jumped on the trampoline and played wii games. No fights…they are growing up!!

We have one friend still here and we keep hearing giggles and scream coming from the front room. I love the sounds! They are playing wii racing and having a blast!

I love when the days can just be lazy days and we can all hang out.
Hope everyone has had a nice weekend!!
A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.  ~Leo Buscaglia