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Just another little poll. I’m kind of a horror fan myself, but really watch anything and everything.

 Did I forget drama? 😮 I guess I did. LOL if dramas are your thing, just write it in the comments. Have a fabulous morning, day, night wherever you may be.

Peace out! 🖤

Looks like it’s a DVR morning; Law and Order:SVU, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy. Then back to Netflix to get caught up o Supernatural!

Cutie pies!

Was up much too early this morning. Bleck 5:30 am comes too fast. We decided that I’ll get up when Roger leaves for work. This way he can get me up out of the bed so I do not have a repeat of yesterday. Did I mention, I HATE MS! We’re wondering if the sudden worsening of my legs etc. is due to stopping the Tysabri. Maybe my body is adjusting itself to not having the medication in my body. Hopefully it will level out soon.

If you need me, you can find me in my bed again. I’ll be the one with three dogs lying all over me. 😉 I’m off as my hands will not cooperate.

Have a fabulous day/night everyone!

xx, Tracy…

Cannot figure out why I’m so ‘giddy’ today after the not-so-great news I got from my doctor yesterday. I think I am finally losing it… Funny how losing it feels kind of good.

Picture in your head, Tom Hanks, Money Pit, bathtub falling through floor losing it!!

And now a grammar lesson. If you can’t find something, you lose it. If something is not tight it’s, loose. Lose, losing, loose, loosening. I know random… Damn, hope I’m right!! 😛

xx, Tracy…

The week started on June 18th. We began our week long vacation to 20 Oaks Cottages and RV Park. We met my parental units in Fresno to break up the long drive. Hung out at the hotel Saturday night and left for Clearlake early Sunday morning. We arrived at Steve’s and my sister Kim’s park around 2 pm. This vacation was also a bit of a family reunion. I had not seen my sister Kim for 6 years or my cousins for 18 years. [since my wedding] We all did the hugs and introductions and all that mushy stuff then went to see the lake.


It turned out to be unusually hot for this time of year. [figures] The first two days I went outside and hung by the dock to watch my kids go tubing and swim. It sucked that I was not able to get to the boat or even get in the water, but watching my kids have a blast made it okay. The heat finally got to me and my legs swelled up something fierce. By Wednesday I could not go outside during the day anymore. So pretty much slept that day away. This trip was definitely kicking my ass… but it was a good ass kicking and completely worth it! lol

The Family

having a blast!

my boy tubing


There are over 200 photos from our trip. It gave me something to do with my cool camera! lol

We left Thursday and headed back to Fresno for the Hotel stay. It was hard leaving the paradise that is is Clearlake, but we had to head home. We left the hotel early Friday for home. It was good to be home, but I missed my family.

BUT, my fabulous week was not over yet. My baby sister and her BF, Don, were coming to visit Saturday. This would be a perfect ending to a perfect week. I got to see my sisters and my brother at the lake and now my baby sister as well. We bbq’ and had salad and tasty asparagus and cookies and ice cream! YUM! We watched Battle Los Angeles. Basically it’s Independence Day with a few changes. Independence Day is a much better movie, but Battle LA gave us a few giggles. All in all it was a great end to a great week!

kids on a trampoline! lol

kids on a trampoline! lol

Laura n me!

This week I am paying for all the fun I had, but it really is soooo worth it. My kids had a blast, hubby caught the only fish [was then released], got to see family, took pictures, and for the first time in a looooong time felt some ‘quality’ in my life! It doesn’t get any better than that!

xx, Tracy...

broken hearted… lmao!! No, not going there!! This is not a public restroom wall!

Seriously, here I sit at my laptop updating, playing in FB, getting iTunes ready for hubbies new iPhone. I just did the kids breakfast dishes and got some jewelry things cleaned. Now what? I’m staring at my blog screen with nothing. Roger will sometimes ask me what I’m doing. Well, just ran a marathon, went grocery shopping, took the kids here and there, did laundry, etc. Then we just laugh. I used to do all of this, minus the marathon! lol I so miss doing all the boring irritating things.

So, here I sit deciding what wonderful things to do. I can go back to bed and watch tv, or go sit in my cool lift-chair and watch tv. Or, I can sit at my design table and play on my computer. hmmmmmm Decisions, decisions. I think I’ll go medicate and lie in my lift-chair and watch movies or something. Oh the life a cripple!!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!


xx, Tracy...

I’m not so much into the Ampyra. Tried it for over 5 mos and sometimes it seemed as if my legs were weaker. Now this does not mean it will not work for all, just not so much for me. I had high expectations, but srsly, it is more for the less severe forms then the progressive forms. Might be only my opinion, but whatever. I know my MS and it knows me.

just say no

I really wanted it to help, but oh well whatcha gonna do. Keep waiting for them to finally get a useful medication for the serious progressive forms. I think that finding help for us would really help the less progressive forms.

So I wait, and pray that they find something for PPMS before I get so bad nothing will help.

On that not, off to watch ‘White Girls’ and omg they crack me up. Love the Wayans!!

xx, Tracy...

The moon is now supplying energy to Earth and Sam Bell [Sam Rockwell] is finishing up his 3 year contracted lonely job. His only ‘real’ companionship is GERTY, [the voice of Kevin Spacey] a computer assistant. He cannot wait to get home to his wife Tess and their young daughter. He gets the occasional video mail to keep in touch.

He heads out to check on a malfunction with one of the harvesters, and an accident occurs. He awakens in the infirmary and is told by GERTY that he needs to remain in the station to rest and heal and to not go outside. He is told that a rescue ship, ELIZA, is on the way to clean up the aftermath of the accident. Thinking something is wrong he makes an unauthorized trip to the ‘moon car’ and the harvester where the accident occurred. What he finds there will change who he is forever, and he realizes he has to find a way to get back home.


This was pretty good movie. I was in a sci-fi mood yesterday and after Pandorum watched this. It kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next and who he really is/was. Sam Rockwell did an outstanding job with this movie. Again, for the sci-fi lover in you, Moon is a must see.

Blessings and Hope!