This blog is about a day in the life of a mommy, wife, daughter, sister, aunt and friend with an aggressive form of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis! I’m a 54 year young mom of 3. YIKES! Married to my best friend, Roger, for 25 years. I love creating things; graphics, web design, jewelry. Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop are my favorites for picture restoration and editing. I also have a Bachelors Degree in Business. It took me some time as I worked and went to school, but I did it! YAY!!


My family and my friends are my life. I try to be positive…it can be very hard some days, but in the end I always ‘make it through the rain’.

I can also be very sarcastic:

mzt sarcasm
Nuff Said! lol

rofl, this be me!!

I am also very opinionated. If you respect my views I will respect yours, even if we differ. I believe we can agree to disagree!

Please feel free to comment. You need no account to do so.

If you would like to be linked here, please contact me and let me know!

Have Courage and Be Kind!

When the world say, “Give up.” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time!”


Fuck with my furbabies … it will be your last day!!

My Loves!



Animal abuse is a stepping-stone away from child abuse, and abuse on any person these monsters deem weaker. It is not about the animal or the person; it is about control and power over another living being. It is time to stand together and say, “ENOUGH!” ~t.radford

This Primary Progressive MS! Making MS my BITCH!!



21 thoughts on “JustMe

  1. If you don’t mind, I’m going to add your blog to my blogroll and RSS Feeds.

    You’re an inspiration to me!!

    Peace & Hugs ox


  2. Tracy, I’d like to subscribe to your blog. I just can’t figure out how. When I hit the RSS feed I get a page full of writing…it’s just weird. Do you have feedburner?

    Anyhow, I was just resubscribing to fabulous forties (Conakat) and thought of you. Crazy thing to be doing on Thanksgiving, huh?

    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and things are going as well as they can be.



  3. Tracy,
    just wanted to let you know that you are truly amazing. Im inspired by just reading of your daily thoughts and life. I worked as a cna and i have seen how hard it is living with ms. and you do it with wonderful sense of humor and grace.
    I met a lady that i think of often who has it, and at 41, she is living in a nursing home, i wished so often i could have helped her more. But i tried to do the little extra stuff like makeup and hair as time permitted.
    I pray for a cure for this disease. But ive been honored to meet a few who suffer with more grace than ill ever have. You are such a pretty and special lady, who makes us laugh on Fab 40, again i think you are great!


    1. Ty Tracy!! Just being there for support is all I need. I lost people due to this MonSter. I think because they were afraid to watch me deteriorate.

      So ty for the constant support!!


  4. Tracy:

    I stumbled across your blog while looking for information on Ampyra. I see that you just started it last week. I am in the process of getting a prescription for Ampyra but in the mean time, I was lucky enough to know someone who already had a prescription and she didn’t care for the effects. I borrowed a 5 day supply to try for the side effects and to see if it would really help. So I am writing you on the forth day of my trial supply and I am happy with the results. One bad side effect is that I am having a hard time sleeping at night and in getting my naps in. Good effects in a substantial improvement in walking but it is also having effects on my right arm and hand. I know you are dodging the fire down in California but I look forward to more information on how you are doing with your new drug. I think I also read somewhere on your site that you have PPMS? About me, 59 yo/ married male w PPMS. Diagnoised 3 yrs ago. So far untreated but waiting for Gilenia to be approved. As far as I know, Gilenia is the only drug that has showed some promise for treatment of PPMS. I tried to get on the clinical study but was disqualified at the last minute. How about you? What is your treatment?



  5. Insomnia is about the worst one I am finding. Taking it at 7pm does help since I am a night owl. lol

    I do have a bit more pain at times than normal, but it seems to be subsiding. I will have to look into that Gilenia when it comes out.

    It was hard enough getting the Ampyra. I am able to move my toes more. lol Something that my left foot would not allow me to do for a few years now. I’ll be updating more tomorrow!

    Thanks for dropping in Rick! 🙂


  6. Tracy,

    You and I ‘know’ each other on Fab40 when I used to frequent the site (I’m 48goingon10 there). I’m more well known as smileywoman the 50 year old ballet dancer with a balance disorder.

    I admire you on so many levels that I cannot begin to be able to put into words. You inspire me to keep trying to do the things that I’m passionate about when all those around me think I’m silly, weird, and just too old.

    Thank you for inspiring me to keep being the wacky 10 year old trapped inside of a 50 year old body.

    Much love,

    Maria Louise Van Deuson (aka smileywoman)


    1. Thanks Maria! Your ballet inspires me.

      Being silly and weird is what keeps us young. I love to surround myself with people just like this. Keeps me smiling!


  7. My website is not up yet because of getting sick, but not with MS. I have some chronic illnesses, but I am into music as a singer/songwriter and unproducing (or unproductive) artist/writer/friend.

    I like your quirky unconventional blog. I am a quirky unconventional blogger too. I start and stop a lot.

    Anyway, I would like to join your blog. Also, if u could help me with some information about setting up your page with the donation box. That would be great, but if you don’t feel like it, that is ok too…somedays I don’t feel like getting out of bed, let alone anything else!

    I live in Northern CA, in the rain…I am happy you live in So. CA in the warm!

    Hugs and have a good night(if possible),

    Cherie or Cher22 as I call myself even though I am 58 with 22 as my birthday.


    1. Hi Cherie… welcome!
      The donation box is tricky. You have to save the button image, then add it in widgets as a picture, the get the html from paypal and paste it into the picture link. It tooke me a few tries, but it finally worked.

      I have family in No Cal. still. I was in the San Jose area for a time myself!!


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