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Facebook for Patrick

There are now many FB communities for Patrick, my new one is A Dog Named Patrick. There are three California groups now to fight for Patrick. I hope to see you become a member at any one or all three of them. What information one does not have, another may.

On our show yesterday, The Padded Room, my bff Ruby and I talked about Patrick. It got a bit emotional at times, but it is hard to keep control and emotions in tact when discussing such horrific abuse of a living creature. You can listen to the 30 minute archive by clicking on our The Padded Room link.

There is also a new petition to get signed, Justice for Patrick Petition please take a minute to sign!

Remember, it is about Patrick and all the others abused at the hands of monsters!!

Safe and sound, as it should be...
xx, Tracy...
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The Padded Room – Patrick

Starved to the point where he had no readable temperature, then thrown down a garbage chute like yesterday’s trash, this was the life of Patrick.

He is an approximately one year old Pit/Mix who was brutally mistreated by his owner.
This show is to spread the word about animal abuse and how, we as humans, can help!

**Graphic content warning due to the severity of his torture.

Please join us, Thursday March 31st at 11am PST, in The Padded Room!

Go to, A Dog Named Patrick , for more of his story and with links on how you can help.

My spirit is strong!
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Todays Show – The Padded Room

Click on our pic to go to the show!

We had a great time on the show today. One of our fabulous friends, Cristen aka crisastbury4, called in and we had a great chat! Shemar Moore was our ‘Hottie of the Week’. He is fine!!

Next week, we hope to have Shad Bradley on our show! [schedules willing] A little bit about Shad [borrowed from his FB bio]:

Shad’s “have drums will travel” attitude has earned him the nickname,”Shad Samsonite!” His Vegas – style stickwork adds a visual aspect that can’t be ignored! Among numerous television and radio appearances, he has appeared live and/or recorded with: Travis Tritt, Jefferson Thomas, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Reba McEntire, Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent), Jeff Cook (Alabama), Diane Michel, William Lee Golden (Oak Ridge Boys), Johnny Van Zant (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Mark Wills, Don Dokken, Jimmie Hall (Wet Willie), The Bama Band (Hank Williams Jr.), Derek Trucks (Allman Bros.), & M.C. Hammer! He has also been featured in Modern Drummer and Science of Mind Magazines.

To hear a bit more about Shad, click on our show pic above and listen to the shows archives.


We also talked today about the building of the Mosque near Ground Zero. And it gets a big “0” from Ruby and me. I get religious freedom and all, but this is wrong on so many levels. 😦

All in all, it was a great show. Again, click the show pic above to hear the archives of today’s show!

xx, Tracy...
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The Padded Room


Today, Thursday July 29- 1pm Texas time

Come and spend some time with Ruby and Tracy in The Padded Room.

We’ll be updating our “Hottie of the Week”. Tune in to find out who it is.

A Life without hope is like living behind the locked doors of a padded room. Ruby and Tracy want to help you find the hope needed to unlock those doors. Two crazy ladies, passionate about being real in the midst of their own real-life health and emotional challenges, are here to encourage you in yours.

Welcome to The Padded Room!

Join us!!
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Easy Tuesday!

My #2 dd [darling daughter] has a friend over. My #1 ds [darling son] is on his computer and in and out of the house. My #3 dd is sitting in the room with me playing Mario Party 7 on the Wii. I did my 15 mins of my pedaler and my arm exercises. Then got in the shower [not an easy thing to do]. I cannot wait until I can finally get in and out of the shower easier. A friend of Roger’s is coming by sometime soon to price out working on our new accessible shower. It is going to be so cool to shower with ease and not have someone coming in constantly to check on me.


Mark your calendars for this Thursday, June 10th. The Padded Room: Unlocked and Unplugged, will be welcoming our fab friend Linni to the show. Ruby and I hope to see you there! It’s more fun in the padded room with friends!! mwaaahhhh

Join us!

Hope y’all are having a terrific Tuesday!!

Blessings and Hope!