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1 year 6 months! SERIOUSLY!!

Bernie Marcus, the founder of HD, was friends with my dad back in the day. Good friends. Doubtful if he’d accept this treatment of customers. Sadly he’s retired now… but you never know.

 The waiting is the hardest part dealing with the Home Depot. I was given two offers last week, one of which would void the warranty, and one which was a complete joke. I didn’t pay for a  separate warranty, the warranty came with the windows. I told them (Briana and Mark) no on both offers and that I would call corporate. Mark Nord was actually on the phone call, The guy who blew me off some months ago then sent me to someone else.  On the phone call every time I tried to speak, they cut me off. Typical of the Home Depot.

 So I got lucky and got through to corporate. The gentleman I spoke with, Michael, said he would do his best to help me. That was Friday.  So, we shall see if he  honestly will help me. Doubtful.. Talked to a Jasmine at corporate a few days before, and she never called back or returned my calls. I really just want and need this over with. I literally cannot sleep with all the crap that goes through my head regarding this.

 I’m really afraid I’m going to have to go and pursue other means. Attorneys, the news, a website where people can share their awful experiences. I really hope I don’t have to go that route.

 And the saga continues…


Living and existing are two very different issues. I believe most people just exist. I find this quite sad. In my situation I am only able to ‘exist’. How I wish I could truly ‘live’.

My life, ninety-five percent of it, is spent in a bed. I’m a prisoner in my own home/body and I didn’t even commit a crime. Constant back pain and edema make it hard to ‘tool’ around in my wheelchair. We can no longer afford a caregiver, so most days I’m on my own. Thank the Universe for my rescue pups.

If I sound miserable… it’s probably because I am! lol I know, not funny. The old adage, you don’t get it until you get it, is so true. I’m a realist…I have to be. I’m not going to get better or go in to remission. If I am unable to try the new medication, Ocrevus, I’m fucked. I talked to a department of my Blue Cross ins. regarding the medication and if they will cover it. I was told no at my neurons office, but figured i’d go straight to the proverbial horse. It may not even work, but I have to try. But, like my one blog says, I may not even qualify for the medication. That’s on the maker of the medication.

It is all bout the numbers, not our well-being. It’s more important to keep the percentage up then to get the medication to those of us who have severely progressed. The GREED that is America!!

For those of you [healthy peeps] reading this, just existing, get the fuck up and LIVE!!! Go on that trip you keep putting off. Wear that ‘dressy’ outfit to the grocery store. Play hooky with your kids and get to the beach or hit the park. Get out of your ‘safe’ zone and go skydiving… you know what I’m saying. LIVE PEOPLE!!! You do not know what tomorrow may bring. I NEVER thought I would get ill. I wasted so much time. Please, I beg of you, don’t make the same mistakes I did. If you can do it, do it now…

Peace out!


They promote this new medication for MS as the first medication for the progressive forms of the disease. Really? I don’t buy it. I was not able to qualify for any of the trials because,  as they explained, I am too far progressed in my disease. So, I was waiting for it to come out on the “market”. For my last blog, as you know, insurance won’t cover it, for me and many others. But as I did more reading I realized that not everyone will qualify for it either way. If you are too far along in your disease you will not be able to get on the medication. Why, because we will screw up their percentage;  Bring down the numbers. So really this new wonderful medication they are promoting all over the place is nothing more than another medication for basic MS.  It’s not a drug for the progressive forms if we can’t and/or don’t qualify for it while having the progressive form.

For me, being someone that truly needs it, it’s just another big hype of another medication that won’t help me. For those that are able to be on it, I wish you well and hope it really works for you. For the rest of us that are truly progressed, may God help us…

But, don’t hold your breath.

For over a year I have been waiting and hoping for this medication. The very FIRST medication for those of us with the severe form of MS. We are the 5-10% that have had nothing available to help, if even in a small way, our progressive form.

When i first heard of it tears streamed down my face. Then we got the news it was being fast tracked for January 2017. FDA approved and ready. We know sometimes shit happens, and it did. We were then informed March 29, 2017. Ok, thats doable. I made my neurologist appointment with tears and such hope to get the ball rolling…

What ball, there’s no rolling. My one hope, to literally save my life, is in the hands of insurance who will not cover it. This drug slows and/or stops the constant progression the few of us with MS are burdened with. My hope was it would stop my arms from being taken from me, my hands, my sight, my voice, my sensation to touch, my ability to breathe on my own. To give me a chance…

I see people talking side effects etc, they will keep the MS if they can have the Benz!!! ARE THEY FUCKING KIDDING ME??? I will deal with the side effects, hell I’ll deal with anything if my Primary Progressive MS slows and/or stops progressing.

I’m out of options here. Once my arms go, I’m done. Yes, I said it… I’m done.

So a big FUCK YOU to the 1% who run the pharmaceutical companies. You are disgusting individuals and I pray karma comes knocking at your door… and she will!!

So, thank you, for taking away my only hope to save my life. May you all rot in Hell!


Called Briana at Home Depot today. I explained I had been waiting to hear back from her regarding the little latch for the door. She acted as if she knew nothing of what I was talking about. I explained how the doors are acting up again and she said they’ll have someone come and readjust them   If that doesn’t work she’ll call Mark and ask him what we should do. Like that’ll help he’s ignored me for months now.

So now I’m told supposedly the parts will be in on the 14th and I’ll hear from them then. What parts! One part the latch. As for the doors they need to replace them instead of just  adjusting them.

No talk of compensation. They’re trying to blow me off every time I talk to them. Companies that take advantage of the disabled are disgusting!!!

And this has been going on since we ordered in October 2015 and look where we are now. 😡


I’m home from the hospital.  I was there from Monday through Friday of last week.   I had a wonderful time. First I’m supposed to have a special bed because I am bedridden. That didn’t happen. I’m supposed to have these little things that go on my calves that circulate my blood. That didn’t happen.  Then the best part, the bed broke. I was sitting straight up went to press the button to lie back, a snap sound happened, and the bed fell very quickly into the flat position. Now that was fun. Not. Considering I’m not able to sit up without help I flew back pretty fast.  At the time I laughed and cried due to embarrassment and pain, and, again, at the time it was funny. Now I’m not sure it’s funny. I went to sit up today and my upper back which doesn’t usually hurt is in severe pain as well as the right side of my neck.  I guess I will have to see my doctor, yet again and see if maybe it did do some damage when the bed broke on me.

The funniest part of hospital stays and all the bullshit I have to endure, is they all seem to correlate around a bunch of shit from Home Depot. I’ve been waiting for the past three weeks for Briana, the new person they put in charge of ignoring me, to call me back.  Chad, the original idiot, that dealt with my windows just can’t seem to get the shit done. He fucked up orders he forgot to order stuff, now I think he’s just fucking with me. And at this point I’m waiting for one little clip. One little clip that broke the first day we had the doors.  You would think they would be smart enough to just get me that one little clip. Unfortunately for us now, both of the doors are now starting to stick and not close again. They felt it was OK to just adjust them instead of replacing them when they came to fix everything. Well I guess they should have replaced them. I will see if I can attach the video of what’s going on with them now.  I should not allow those incompetent people that they keep giving me, that keep ignoring me and just putting me off, to upset me so much that I end up in the hospital. But I think they know what they’re doing. They’re just hoping I give up. I don’t think they know who they’re dealing with!



After a bad fall about a month ago, I’ve been in and out of hospital emergency rooms and spent a little bit under a week in hospital. Lotta good it did, as I’m worse now than I was before I went in. I need in-home care I need help but the doctors keep blowing me off. And my doctor’s nurses, forget about it incompetence galore!

They keep telling me they’ll call me back once they get information about in-home care. Has not happened at all. They don’t even call my prescriptions when they expire anymore. I have to call and remind them. Yeah that helps with my stress level! I’ve been with the same doctor for 17 years!

I can’t even get into what happened in my last hospital visit a couple of weeks ago as it just brings back too many awful memories. Not as bad as back in 2009-2010 but almost.

At this point I’m completely bed ridden, my legs do not work at all I can only move them if somebody moves them for me hard to transfer to my chair I won’t even get into going to the bathroom. LOL that’s way too much information… TMI!!

Bottom line I need home health care, and my doctors are ignoring me and not helping me. So me, being the bitch that I am, I have an appointment with a new neurologist on January 28 and an appointment on the 18th of this month with the new internist. I’m done, and I’m taking charge and taking back my power!

For those who know me, know I’m pissed and when I get pissed I get shit done. They know not who they are dealing with! LOL I’m done believing that this is it for me and I’ll never move again that I’m going to be stuck in a bed the rest of my life.

I Even got my new wheelchair and it’s the bomb, but I can’t even transfer to it. So what’s the fucking point right now!


I really do wonder sometimes… What’s the fucking point!

[sorry for spelling and or grammar mistakes talk text doesn’t always work exactly as it should]

need sleep...