Shop Re-Opening!

Well, it’s getting there. Left Artfire and now back on Etsy. I stopped 2 years ago as my MS took over. Now I am trying to take my life back. Am hoping it works as I need the boost. It’s going to be a long process getting all my jewelry listed, but it keeps me going. Just hoping for some success here. Only time will tell..

Come on by..
Come on by..

Love and Light

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MS MS go away, don’t come again on any day!!

Grrrrr, another day in bed. I was getting a couple of things ready to ship out and bam, leg pain. The swelling has gone down considerably, now the pain. So, do I work through the pain and chance the swelling coming back… or do I get my MS ass back in bed. YUP back in bed, legs elevated! Bleck!!!

I guess I should be grateful that the MS allowed me a full week of creating and being out of bed. But, I’m not. That week is now causing me to be down and out. Kind of uncool!! There it is, MS is UNCOOL!! 😛

It took me almost 4 minutes just to get off the potty. Keep falling back while trying to pull up my pants. At least I didn’t pee-diddle myself! That’s a plus!

Now, I will try and find a good movie, get all the doggies in place on my/their bed, take some Norco and chillax…

Oh Happy happy joy joy!!

Y’all have a great one, if you need me I’m as close as my bed!!

Now, go buy my jewelry!!! lolol

And remember…

rofl, this be me!

 Peace out!! xx,Tracy

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Did anyone get the number of the bus that hit me?

Wow, that’s what I feel like right now. Legs swelling, migraines, tingly all over my arms. This is the price I pay for doing what I love; making jewelry. Seriously…

When I make my jewelry I sit for hours at my design table in the front. Long periods of sitting wreak havoc on my body. I know, must sound strange since I live my life in a wheel-chariot. The difference is, when not making jewelry, I switch positions a lot. Lie in my bed legs elevated, switch to my chair for a bit then back in bed. Now, I know I could take breaks, but once I get in the ‘mood’ nothing can break me away from my table. I can’t start something without finishing it. Type A here people! Being ill didn’t change that, just makes it harder for me.

I was making things non-stop from Tuesday thru Friday. Friday night it started. My left leg looked like a watermelon and my right arm and shoulder pain brought me to tears. Thank God for Norco and Soma! 😉 No real sleep that night and Saturday was not much better. Did a few things then hubby said enough. I knew I must have felt bad as I never listen to the hubby! lol Sunday the arm/shoulder pain was gone [phew], but the fucking migraine would not go away!! Spent the day in my bed, legs elevated, and highly medicated. Got in trouble as I have to get on the net, even if it’s just for a few, to post and share animals in need. Hubby knows not to tell me no to that! 😛

Well, here’s Monday… Supposed to go for my 9th Tysabri infusion. Legs still have swelling, migraine still lingering and arm tingles came back. Now waiting to see if my liver count is ok to continue the Tysabri. Hopefully they’ll call me back. As it stands I go Friday I’ll find out. JOY!


Did get some new things going on in my shop, so it’s not all bad!

A few examples below!

Butterfly Cameo Necklace
Red Awareness Cell/Purse Charm

Well peeps, back off to my bed!! Hope everyone is doing well!!

Peace out!! xx

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Losing my mind!!

Aha, got your attention! lol Actually my facebook status from their status shuffle says it all:

Lil’ ole’ me has lost my mind and doesn’t know where to find it, I’ll leave it alone, hoping it will come home, dragging my brain beside it!

I love it and it is so me!!

Things are going pretty good. Being back on Etsy is gr8. I made 2 sales, ty Frannie and Tina, and actually feel like making new things again. It gets me out of my room at least. I still am not feeling the ‘outside’ world yet since my hell stay, but baby steps ya know!

Awaiting return calls from some attorneys, but I think they are afraid of taking on the hospital. So, have some calls today to outside attorneys. You would think they [hospital liaison] would at least call to check in on how things are going, since they told me to keep themapprised on the bills. Ya, RIGHT!! lol They want me to forget, not happening.

My kids are off school for spring break. The girls get 2 weeks, the boy gets one. It’s actually been nice so far. Friends coming and going, so they are not bored. Bored kids are annoying kids. lol So keeping them busy is a gr8 thing. Austin went to Magic Mountain yesterday. FUN! He said he had a blast!


I love coasters!!! Woo Hoo!!

Hope everyone is having a great day/night wherever you may be!!

Blessings and Hope!

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A Fabulous Flair’s new location

A Fabulous Flair is now back on Etsy!! It was my first home and it did me well! Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke! lol

Added some new things today and some old:

PinkyI will be adding new pieces weekly if I am able. I am very happy to be back on Etsy.

I still have my other site for my Recycles . Right now I have a gr8 beginners flute available with lots of accessories that go with it.


I want to wish a very happy 21st Birthday to Amanda Eldridge as well. So wish i could have been there to celebrate this day with you. Know that I was there in spirit!! Hope you had a couple of drinks for me!!

the BIG 21
The BIG 21


Also on a good note, I got my first Living Dead Doll, Jasper:

Jasper - Series 14

I know, I know, a bit creepy but so cool!! lol

Anywho, hope everyone is having a great day/evening wherever you may be!

Blessings and Hope!!

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Life is good – Randomosity

It’s all in how you look at it really.

As many of you have read, I spilled wax on my favorite pair of UGG slippers that were given to me as a gift from an ‘inspiring’ woman. No one can remove the wax. It was too much and too deep in the sheepskin. So, my heart was broken. Today, a Zappos box came. Inside were a new pair of UGG slippers. The only difference is the color. My husband ordered them for me when he realized the others could not be saved. I was so socked as my hubby is awesome, but never thought he would do this. He thinks my shoes fetish is nutzzz. lol I was also a tad sad as my other pair are from someone I so adore. I will not throw them out. I packed them back in their box and am hoping that at some point there will be something to clean them.


Last week I actually got new pieces on my site A Fabulous Flair . Since my Hospital stay I have hibernated in my room. So, I pulled up my bootstraps and created! It felt so good to get something done and finished.

Brownie Blues

One of my new pieces. I just love the brown and blue together! If you find something you like, mention my blog and get 10% off.


I also have gone through the break-up of a friendship. I have come to the realization that her ‘throwing’ me away was the best thing ever! I feel so much more positive and that old adage, ‘a weight was taken off my shoulders’. It is true, once toxic is gone, you feel so much better. The negativity is gone, the back stabbing and back talking is gone. I always felt so drained after speaking with her. Now, I am full! So, I guess I should say thanks. I wish her the best of everything and hope she can truly find her peace.



I would like to ask you all for prayers today. A good friend, BFF Kat, needs some good thoughts, blessings, prayers whatever you do. She had to put her doggy down last week which was so hard for her. Then she had to have some tests done. Something in the test was found and she has to go back for additional testing. Please keep her in your heart for a good outcome. She is an amazing friend, mommy, and wife. I feel in my heart it will be ok, but extra blessings can never hurt!! I loves ya my mini-me!!


Blessings and Hope!