Did anyone get the number of the bus that hit me?

Posted: April 30, 2012 in medications, multiple sclerosis, Pain, Ramblings, RANDOM, Wheelchair

Wow, that’s what I feel like right now. Legs swelling, migraines, tingly all over my arms. This is the price I pay for doing what I love; making jewelry. Seriously…

When I make my jewelry I sit for hours at my design table in the front. Long periods of sitting wreak havoc on my body. I know, must sound strange since I live my life in a wheel-chariot. The difference is, when not making jewelry, I switch positions a lot. Lie in my bed legs elevated, switch to my chair for a bit then back in bed. Now, I know I could take breaks, but once I get in the ‘mood’ nothing can break me away from my table. I can’t start something without finishing it. Type A here people! Being ill didn’t change that, just makes it harder for me.

I was making things non-stop from Tuesday thru Friday. Friday night it started. My left leg looked like a watermelon and my right arm and shoulder pain brought me to tears. Thank God for Norco and Soma! 😉 No real sleep that night and Saturday was not much better. Did a few things then hubby said enough. I knew I must have felt bad as I never listen to the hubby! lol Sunday the arm/shoulder pain was gone [phew], but the fucking migraine would not go away!! Spent the day in my bed, legs elevated, and highly medicated. Got in trouble as I have to get on the net, even if it’s just for a few, to post and share animals in need. Hubby knows not to tell me no to that! 😛

Well, here’s Monday… Supposed to go for my 9th Tysabri infusion. Legs still have swelling, migraine still lingering and arm tingles came back. Now waiting to see if my liver count is ok to continue the Tysabri. Hopefully they’ll call me back. As it stands I go Friday I’ll find out. JOY!


Did get some new things going on in my shop, so it’s not all bad!

A few examples below!

Butterfly Cameo Necklace

Red Awareness Cell/Purse Charm

Well peeps, back off to my bed!! Hope everyone is doing well!!

Peace out!! xx

  1. They are really pretty Tracy. You continue to amaze me!


  2. Frannie says:

    Yes, beautiful jewelry! Hope your migraine and other pain settles down so you can sleep. (((hugz)))


  3. Jenny says:

    Yes Mz T, I got the d@#m bus’s plate ~ WE H8 MS

    ~Luv Ya GF, Feel Better SOON 🙂


  4. Mary says:

    The jewelry is beautiful! Damn migraines..they suck! Have you tried a chilled ice pack over your forehead and temples? That would always help me. Crossing fingers and toes that you feel better and can continue with the Tysabri. BTW–checked on that GAPS diet, and according to my neighbor who is on it, she basically has been living on broth made with meat bones..beef, pork, chicken..in conjunction with veggies and fruit…no carbs at all…she has lost so much weight…might try it myself..will keep you posted.

    xoxo ❤


  5. Louise (aka Mai) says:

    Now, now stop trying to make us jealous with those drugs!! hehe.. I hope you managed to get a rest, and you’re feeling better today Tracy x


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