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Sometimes being positive can be so depressing…

As some of you know I am re-vamping my jewelry shop. I’m starting to sell off beads and findings and things at my supply shop. I’ll be making glass pendants and wire wrapped bracelets now. Intricate beading is much too hard as my hands have a bitch of a time hanging on to the tiny parts.

I have been so excited as I thought of another type of jewelry to make for my shop, stamping. I purchased an amazing set to get me started.

FUN!! Not so much...

Well… here’s where the other shoe drops! I can’t do it. I’m not strong enough to hammer the lil buggers hard enough to get a good indentation. WTF!!! Every time I get all positive and excited something fucks it up! Mainly, MS fucks it up! I even tried a heavier hammer to no avail. If I go any heavier I’m afraid I’ll pound off my thumb. 😛 And stupid me bought more blanks BEFORE I tried it out. DOH! I really felt that I could do this and expand my jewelry design. I was all stoked and ready to do awareness pieces…hmmm!! Oh well,  I won’t give up right away as I can be relentless. Just don’t expect to see any of this type of jewelry any time soon…

Well, I’m off to hide under my covers and scream!

Peace out!

9 thoughts on “Sometimes being positive can be so depressing…

  1. You are a strong woman! As for me, I would have gave up along time ago. You are stronger then I can ever be. Maybe your hands are just not ready. Or perhaps a red bull might help 🙂 (((hugz)))


  2. You have no failures T. Think and dream of a solution to your challenge. You are my hero, and I won’t take “no” for an answer! Just saying!!


  3. I have this happen a lot lately. I keep thinking of things I might do to make some money… I get all excited, jump in with both feet and a big investment that I can’t really afford and then either chronic pain interferes or interest in my venture dries up.
    Right now I’m on the verge of yet another attempt, as I’m trying to figure out how to make some money off my photography. I’m finding, once again, that no matter what decision I make, start up expenses are something I really can’t afford.
    What’s bad is the positive high always seems to bring an equally negative low. Sorry you’re a bit discouraged but I’m glad you’re going to keep trying. 🙂


    1. Money would be nice! lol I just so need something to keep me busy and keep me from hanging myself. 😛
      Yet another thing I can’t do… but I’ll keep trying until I break a finger!! knock wood I don’t lolol


  4. I completely understand your frustration. I love making jewelry but the bloddy MS does make it difficult. Deep breathes


  5. You are amazing. Sometimes you have to find a way around the closed door. You will. Maybe a different type of jewelry. Something that does not require heavy tools. And perhaps you will end up liking that more.


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