Beauty Under Glass!

Posted: April 21, 2012 in RANDOM
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Some new things going into my shop:

Hearts and Birdie -sold separately

Butterflies and Flowers - sold separately

Just some new things I’m trying out. Each has a Swarovski Crystal attached.

Hope you like!


  1. Louise (aka Mai) says:

    I still don’t see it in the shop… but I really like the butterfly one :’) How much would it be including the cost to be sent to the UK pretty please with cherries on top x


  2. Louise (aka Mai) says:

    said it wont ship to the UK 😦


  3. Louise (aka Mai) says:

    If you’re ok with it shipping here my paypal is xx


  4. Tracy says:

    i just updated it for the UK 🙂


  5. Louise (aka Mai) says:

    Thanking you tar lol 🙂


  6. Louise (aka Mai) says:

    I’ve ordered it 😀 I can’t believe I got it lol… I thought someone would have beat me to it for sure lol *Happy wheelie dances* It’s my birthday on the 14 of May it might get here in time if I’m lucky xx Thank you xx


  7. Louise (aka Mai) says:

    Thank you Tracy and Tracy’s hubby x 🙂


  8. Jenny says:

    Tracy, Have you done anything with the Hunger Games symbols? MockingJay, etc??


  9. Frannie says:

    Good thing you got the butterflies, cause I really liked that one too but I’m too late…lol. I do like the bird one. Are you going to make more? Just wondering 🙂 they are beautiful Tracy.


  10. Frannie says:

    I didn’t see the birdie one. Did it sell already ?


  11. Wow! Those are fabulous, Tracy! They should sell like hotcakes (which one already has!) Hurray for you!


  12. Mary says:

    Pretty!! Will check these out.



  13. Mary says:

    I love the antique initial pendant necklace…e-mail me as I need to ask you a question.


  14. Frannie says:

    Are you taking request? An owl maybe and a turtle perhaps 😀 if not that’s ok. Your work is beautiful!


  15. Frannie says:

    What are those in the pics? Copper or brass? I like that look 🙂


  16. introvertedblogger says:



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