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Just another little poll. I’m kind of a horror fan myself, but really watch anything and everything.

 Did I forget drama? 😮 I guess I did. LOL if dramas are your thing, just write it in the comments. Have a fabulous morning, day, night wherever you may be.

Peace out! 🖤


Posted: August 25, 2010 in Lupus, multiple sclerosis, Ramblings, RANDOM
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That’s how I feel. Not so much in a bad way, just in a blah way! 😛 All kinds of things I wan to get done, now really energy or oomph to do them. Little baby steps I guess. I’m up early with the kids while they get ready for school. Once they leave I get the dishes done, then tidy up a bit. Trying to get a little routine going again. Once I get that done, boredom sets in. Not feeling the internet much as of late and have seen all the movies on demand and all my DVD’s. Then the tireds set in and it’s off to sleep I go.

I read on a friends FB status how she was off to lie down and have a DVD day. This friend has Lupus. Someone wrote how it must be nice to be able to just lie around and do that all day. I kept out of it as my first instinct was to tell this person to STFU!!!! What we would give to not have to sleep our days away. To be able to get the fuck out of our house, have a job, do chores, etc.. I knew to move on as I did not want to rip this idiot a new asshole. Ya, we loooove not being able to do things. To sleep all day. What a fucking quality of life!!

OK! Done bitching and I feel better….

xx, Tracy...

Feeling a bit overwhelemed, so going to take a break for today away from the ‘hospital’ blogs. I need to sort my thoughts for the blogs to come, so today I will be resting. Sleeping and watching movies are what is needed for me right now. The hospital conclusion[s] will be done within in the next week, so stay tuned if interested. These blogs are to help me face it, deal with it, and find my way back to me.

Thanks for all of the support thus far. I am blessed with amazing friends and family!!! xoxo

Blessings and Hope!

Hello Friends

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Craziness, Ramblings
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I will be getting to Vegas day 2 and my shower ideas soon.

Yesterday I was doing gr8, then BAM started feeling really bad. My legs had that ‘swelling’ feeling almost like the falling asleep feeling. As did my arms. Had a tough night as my legs kept ‘twitching’. My left ankle still hurts from crushing it the other day between my chair and the counter. So that is not helping. Walking right now, even just standing up to grab my walker, is taking all my spoons. You should see me trying to make it to the bathroom!! rofl That, in and of itself is freakin’ hilarious! My head feels like it is ready to explode and the fatigue is unbearable.

But, you wanna hear the worst part of all……………

THERE IS NOTHING ON TV OR CABLE OR ON DEMAND!! WTH!! The days I feel good all the good shows, movies, dvr are on. I watched Law and Order: SVU on dvr this morning. But now there is nothing on! I mean really. You would think the cable would know to have the good shit on when I am sick! I mean, for the money we pay them, the should be here changing the channels for me!!

Guess I will just lie back down with all my puppies who hog the bed and try and rest some more. BORING!! Maybe I will count the speckle shit on the ceiling, that’ll put my ass to sleep!

As always… blessings and peace!