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That’s how I feel. Not so much in a bad way, just in a blah way! 😛 All kinds of things I wan to get done, now really energy or oomph to do them. Little baby steps I guess. I’m up early with the kids while they get ready for school. Once they leave I get the dishes done, then tidy up a bit. Trying to get a little routine going again. Once I get that done, boredom sets in. Not feeling the internet much as of late and have seen all the movies on demand and all my DVD’s. Then the tireds set in and it’s off to sleep I go.

I read on a friends FB status how she was off to lie down and have a DVD day. This friend has Lupus. Someone wrote how it must be nice to be able to just lie around and do that all day. I kept out of it as my first instinct was to tell this person to STFU!!!! What we would give to not have to sleep our days away. To be able to get the fuck out of our house, have a job, do chores, etc.. I knew to move on as I did not want to rip this idiot a new asshole. Ya, we loooove not being able to do things. To sleep all day. What a fucking quality of life!!

OK! Done bitching and I feel better….

xx, Tracy...

6 thoughts on “Blah…

  1. Well, I sure would like to know who this piece of shit was..apparently that person does not deal with on-going pain, migraines, constant stiffness, dizziness, tremors..etc, etc…and it is a big deal for many of us to just deal with the every day chores that can disable us at any given time throughout the day…I give you credit for holding your tongue, you have a little more tolerance than me…maybe we can secretly kick some ass!!



  2. Well, maybe it would be nice to hang out in bed if that’s what we *wanted* to do…as opposed to having no choice.

    I’ve been hanging out with my pregnant (tomorrow is the due date!) daughter and she is finally starting to get it. She wants to get up and do stuff, she just doesn’t have the energy. It’s nice to see the lightbulb come on over her head!

    Are you noticing anything positive from the new drug? Being bored might be a good sign, maybe???!!!

    Wish me luck…I’m pushing myself far too hard right now. And once I get home it’ll be time to move. Not looking forward to that…fingers crossed I can keep this up!


    1. “”Well, maybe it would be nice to hang out in bed if that’s what we *wanted* to do…as opposed to having no choice. “”

      Amen Kathy!!!

      Blessings out to you on this move!!


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