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That’s what I am!! lol The past few days I have felt accomplished. Each morning after the kids leave for school, I’m up and washing the dishes, tidying up, etc.. Some may say, “Big Deal, ooh you tidied up”! Well it is a big deal. Dishes take a lot out of me. Trying to reach up and over the sink to get all the plates, silverware, and glassware is tiring. It’s amazing how a dish can feel like a 20 pound weight. I have bruising on the upper back of my arms from the counter.  But, to me it shows I’m moving and trying to do things. I’m slowly trying to de-clutter. It’s all about baby steps. After getting all the dishes done and things straightened, I’m ready for a nap. 😛 When I was well, my house was spit-spot. You could eat off the floors. Now, not so much. One of my OCD issues I have had to learn to deal with… slowly but surely.

I’ve been on the Ampyra for almost one month. I’d like to say I’m running marathons, but not yet. Ok, never ran them when I was well either! 😉 Do I notice anything different, better? I want to say that it seems easier to rise up from my chair to transfer, but I’m afraid if I do I’ll jinx it. I am going to get out my walker tonight when the hubby comes home and try to at least use it to get to and from the tinkletorium. Wish me luck!! I have not been able to use it since my Hell Hospital stay. That place fuckered me up. But, it would take a lot more than those fools to keep me down!!

xx, Tracy...

11 thoughts on “Criptastic!!!

  1. Good for you! I tend to measure my days by what I’m able to do around the house, so yes it is a big deal, I KNOW!

    I totally get what you’re saying about washing dishes by hand at the sink. I always thought corelle dinnerware was lightweight, kind of ‘cheapy’ compared to other dinnerware, but dang! A plate or serving bowl can feel like dead weight after you’ve been lifting them from the sink, holding them while washing and rinsing…

    Glad to see you a bit more cheery!
    Big (((Hugs))) oxoxox


    1. I love you too my girl. Sorry not on all that much. Just have the blahs and in bed by 8:30pm. Getting used to the kids school schedule I guess!


  2. I’ve been taking Ampyra for a month myself, and I notice improvement … getting out of a chair on the first try is ridiculously satisfying. My only complaint is the slow, downhill slide in ability between tablets. But I am, without any doubt, getting around a little better and a little bit faster. Now, if only someone could make something to make my hands work again!


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