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How does Home Depot stay in business?? Since my first blog in the Home Depot saga, I’ve heard from many others with similar, and even worse complaints. WTF!!

On 8/5/2016 received and email with a picture of a box which has the infamous garage window inside. Confirmed at the warehouse. [our name on other side of box]


This was in response to two emails in July. I was hoping for confirmation if install date and the 40% discount I’m asking for. Those points in my email were ‘blown’ over… not even mentioned. Since then I have called THREE times, THREE, and left detailed messages. NOTHING!! NOTHING!! Not even an, “We’re working on it phone call.” WOW!!


The stress from this is not making me a happy camper or helping with my already compromised health. Make it right Home Depot!! I’m not going away.

To see the Home Depot saga, type Home Depot in my search option. Top[ish] left.😉


I know, two blogs – one day.

Just a mellow check in. lol Mellow, as in me… mellow. Listening to an amazing mix my daughter Ashley made for me. Playing games on FB. I found some I forgot I had. Bubble Witch Saga for one. It’s fun. I’ve been playing it for over and hour. It has me mesmerized.

It’s 1:30 am and, as usual, no sleep in sight. To medicate, or not to medicate? That is the question. At this point, I’m not even sure of the question. Are you? Doubt it.

I really need my room painted something other than white. Some fun colors to match my personality. And no, not black. lmao Although…


My daughter Shelby is itching to paint the interior. I explained the concept of money to her, and explained that we have none.😛 Yet, it would be a nice change for me. Believe me, I need some change. Feel free to donate to, the help me paint house fund. [donate button on the left]😉 I actually want my room in pale grays/blue colors. Muted and simple. The rest of the house in light mochas. The girls painted their own rooms in the colors they wanted. Turned out wonderfully. The boy hasn’t painted his room yet. I’m thinking black. Just kidding… or am I.

I’m kinda thinking being up most of the night is okay for me. Not sleeping may be the way my mind is protecting me. Let me explain; during the day people are bustling. I hear cars going by and read about fun things people do. I feel I’m missing out on life. At night, my house is quiet, the road is quiet. Most are in bed, like me. So, by sleeping in the afternoon, I sleep through the sadness of dreaming of lives I will not lead. Being awake at night, the house is quiet, the road is still. I can take it all in and not feel broken. I know, it sounds quite mad. It’s just hard to put to words. I’m not even sure what I’m trying to say. go.figure.

Do you ever hear a song that takes you back to a time and place forever in your heart? Does your heart ache? I literally either cry for a loss, laugh at fun time, or get ‘oh Hell no’ angry. lol Listening to music is one of the things that keep me sane.

2:15 am and all is Unwell. Love that song.

Back to my games! Peace!

I started this blog with the hopes of chronicling my MS and my thoughts, etc.. Im realizing that with Primary Progressive MS, there is not much to chronicle. There are no more medications for me to try; hell there are no medications for PPMS. Wait, I’m lying. There is ONE possibly coming to a drug store near you, winter of 2017. But, not for me. Yes, it will be the first medication for PPMS, but I don’t qualify. My EDSS score is too high. I’m between 8 and 8.5. In other words, I’m too far gone! Well okay then.

I sit/lie here 90% of the time. I’m not even sure where I’m going with this entry. I’m not even sure why I’m even blogging it. Maybe out of boredom. I guess this is my personal diary that I just happen to share. A place for me to come back to and ‘remember’, the good and the bad. A place for me to vent. A place where I can say whatever the fuck I want.

I just wish I knew how to get my thoughts out of my head and onto here. A jumbled crazy ass rollercoaster is the only way to explain my thoughts.

“Outlook is grim”, has been the description of two doctors regarding my life now. Well no shit… But, did you have to say it out loud!! RUDE much.😛 And, I know I know, anyone can die at anytime. They could walk out of their house and get hit by car. I get that. That would be easy. We start dying the minute we’re born if you want to get technical. Picture yourself  lying in bed 24/7 while your body slowly but surely dies daily from illness. It’s not for the weak. With PPMS, there is NO cure, NO remission, NO parole. So, the next time you want to use the ole. “well anyone can die just from blah blah blah”…don’t!! Above all… DO NOT compare one illness to another, especially if you, yourself, do not have said disease. You will never ‘get it’ unless you ‘get it’!

Scary part is that sometimes I really believe I’m going a bit mad. Seems par for the course…


If you have not been following my Home Depot saga, click here – here – here – and here.

Hey, Home Depot, Stick a fork in me…I’m done with you.

I will never shop The Home Depot again, and no one else should either. I should have taken them up on getting my money back with no restrictions. Instead I decided to let them fix their mistakes, find the infamous garage window and get it done. It’s been  7 months and counting. Now, I’m told, that the contract stated no time limit so they can take however long they want. WTF!!! Your incompetent employee, Chad, broke that contract the day of installation. He knew there was no garage window and still told me they would be getting it. He knew without it I would send them away. Couple words come to mind; liar, fraud. Yet the people at Home Depot can’t seem to understand this. Incompetence abounds!

Chad broke the contract!!!! Not rocket science. I can’t sleep because my mind will not quiet down about this clusterfuck caused by Chad and now the company itself. The stress is paralyzing and not helping my MS.

They hinted at a discount, but after two email mentioning it, no response. I want at least 40% taken off…should be more like 50%. For fucks sake, I should take them to court as I’ve been told by two attorneys, they did, indeed, commit fraud!! Again, not rocket science. I need to be allowed to speak to a higher up who can make the decisions, instead of middle-man who has no authority.


You tell ’em Madea!!😉 They know not what they do!!

They see a disabled woman, wheelchair bound, bedridden. What they don’t see is a woman who worked her ass of for years, received her Bachelors in Business, and was not always ill.

Shit better get moving, with a 40% discount, a re-start to my 24 months to pay, and in a timely matter. I will repeat: YOUR EMPLOYEE, CHAD, BROKE THE CONTRACT. HE AND 3 OTHERS KNEW THERE WAS NO WINDOW AND LIED.

Sorry for yelling, but they have pissed me of royally now!! Ill or not, I’m not going away. Do what’s right…NOW!!!

Just when things seem to be getting better, BAM, it hits the fan. This why I can not ever be the shiny happy positive person others want me to be. And I try, but fuck a lot of that!

I thought all was well with my Home Depot Saga…NOT! Back in the day customer service was a priority, the shit would be done. And certain people would NOT get away with such disrespect of a customer. I’d have been fired in a hot second if I ever treated someone the way those douchebags treated/are treating me. Update: never got my 10am call back. FUCK!!

Unleash the flying monkeys!!

I’ve left 2 messages for my primary care doctors office manager. My doctor turned a specific issue I’m having over to her. We spoke when I was at my doctor a few weeks ago and she was supposed to get back to me. Nothing, nada, nil. I’ve called twice and left detailed messages for her to please call me back. And, I used my nice phone voice. Nothing, nada, nil. The issue is quite a big deal for me. What has happened in the last 30 years when it comes to doing what you say in the workplace. FUCK!!

Unleash the flying monkeys!!

Now, to get my pain meds, you always need a scrip every month, no refills… all thanks to the wonderful druggies out there that abused the medication, and the doctors dumb enough to believe them. Normally I go pick up the scrip at the office with a quick check in every month. So, I called yesterday to see when I can pick it up, and they said they’d talk to my doc and call me back. Bahahaha, you guessed it, no call back. I’ve been going to my neuro for 19 years. WTF. So I called back and they said my doc will be calling me back. I have a real illness that causes real pain. To bad I can’t fake it, maybe then I’d get the medication I need. FUCK!!

Unleash the flying monkeys!!

Why, just why… Come on Universe, cut me a fucking break. I have an aggressive form of primary progressive MS. NO treatments available to me. I’m bedridden with double stomas, degenerative disc, muscle spasms, tremors, constant numbness,  and unable to do basic things like roll over in my bed or even sit up. I deal with severe anxiety and depression, complete and utter loneliness. What fucking more do you want from me? Sometimes death sounds very inviting.

Unleash the flying monkeys!!

But, fuck you, I’m not a quitter. And now I’m just pissed off. Do not mistake my disability for weakness. My mind still works and is smarter than you. Look out, here I come!!

Too late!! mwahahaha

Too late!! mwahahaha

Oh what a World…



If you have not been following my Home Depot saga, click here – here – here – and here. What a rollercoaster ride it is.

Back in March I thought things were going to go smoothly. I got calls updating me on the infamous window. Yes they can make it, yes it will all be taken care of. The wrong windows will be replaced, stucco fixed, doors fixed and door handles replaced, windows to be ‘leak’ checked, and finally the garage window too.

While I appreciate the updates, not sure how ‘true’ they were. Now, after I called today to say how we just want want our money back, things changed. It’s been 9 months from date of order and 4 months from, we’ll get it all fixed. So not acceptable. 4 months ago, when offered a refund no ‘windows’ attached, I should have said okay. Now when asking for my ‘refund’ I’m told sure we’ll come get the windows.


I said cool, bring back my old ones like I said back in March. Reply, back was those have been trashed/thrown away by now. ROFLMAO OK, so you’ll come take my windows and leave me with none… Not what I was told in March. To this day I’m still paying, every month for the shit job, as I will not let them ruin our perfect credit.

I was told today that the garage window was lost somewhere in San Francisco. Last I heard a few ago was everything was moving along as planned. I have been more than patient waiting for the mysterious garage window to be made. Makes me wonder if it truly was made or if I was just told it was to keep me at bay. hmmmm

As for my refund, he said some percentage will have to be charged. Ummm, nothings been fixed, doors barely open [hazard for me as I can’t get out in an emergency]. He ‘seemed’ confused as he thought all had been taken care of minus the garage window. Weird as in our updates via phone no appointments were ever made to get all the other stuff fixed.

I need the money back to find another company to fix what’s wrong, really find the garage window, and fix all their damage.

The end of the conversation… he’s going to check on a few things and call me back tomorrow.

SMDH… Hopefully, as stated above to get the whole story, click the links to see what a cluster-fuck this has been.

Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes… this whole thing has me MS stressed!!!