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My Train of Thought Has Left the Station

It’s been one of those long strange days. The Red Bull didn’t help either. Figured since it helped my fatigue yesterday, it would help again today. Not so much… Woke me up but good, with the shakes and jitters. Trust me I get those without the Red Bull… With it was like being on meth, or so I’m told! 😛 Never again. I love the taste as they have that smarties candy thing going on. But, never again.

I did get a new necklace listed at my jewelry shop and some more supplies up at my supply shop. Guess that’s a good thing. Doing anything I can to shake the blues.

My weight is taking its toll on me. No matter how good I eat I’m staying the same. At least I’m not gaining anymore, right? I’m not liking this being ‘heavy’ thing. It’s new to me and I know if not for the fucking MonSter, I’d still be thin and active. I try so hard to find the good in everything and take it all in stride, but nothing seems to be helping. A tummy tuck and boob reduction might help! 😉 I need to find a sugar daddy…

I know… blah, blah, blah!! Well, before I break out in to song, I’ll leave with something that is totally the snarky me:

This says it all!!

Peace y’all!

2 thoughts on “My Train of Thought Has Left the Station

  1. Wish I could set you up with a sugar daddy..life would be good!! 😉
    Never tried the Red Bull, like you I don’t need to be jittery.

    Love the crazy bitch note!



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