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My Train of Thought Has Left the Station

It’s been one of those long strange days. The Red Bull didn’t help either. Figured since it helped my fatigue yesterday, it would help again today. Not so much… Woke me up but good, with the shakes and jitters. Trust me I get those without the Red Bull… With it was like being on meth, or so I’m told! 😛 Never again. I love the taste as they have that smarties candy thing going on. But, never again.

I did get a new necklace listed at my jewelry shop and some more supplies up at my supply shop. Guess that’s a good thing. Doing anything I can to shake the blues.

My weight is taking its toll on me. No matter how good I eat I’m staying the same. At least I’m not gaining anymore, right? I’m not liking this being ‘heavy’ thing. It’s new to me and I know if not for the fucking MonSter, I’d still be thin and active. I try so hard to find the good in everything and take it all in stride, but nothing seems to be helping. A tummy tuck and boob reduction might help! 😉 I need to find a sugar daddy…

I know… blah, blah, blah!! Well, before I break out in to song, I’ll leave with something that is totally the snarky me:

This says it all!!

Peace y’all!

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Thoughts…Ramblings…and Other Who Cares Stuff

So we had our debut of ‘The Padded Room- unlocked and unplugged’ and we actually made it through. We do need to work on the sound for us, as we have gotten feedback that we are a bit hard to hear. Ruby is soft spoken, so why she is hard to hear. She is the soothing voice behind the padded room. I’m, well, not so soft spoken but even I came across low at times. I cannot hold my phone for too long as my hands go numb and get weak, so I need to find a good quality telephone headset. Add one more item on my list of things to do! lol But, all in all, we are proud of the job we did and cannot wait for our next show…April 8, 2010 on the Real Life Radio Network at 1 pm Texas time!

The Ladies of the Padded Room


After getting some things done for the show, and skyping with Ruby, I started feeling a bit out of sorts. It was like a light bulb going off in my head…I had forgotten to take my anti-d for 2 maybe even 3 nights. Soooooo not good. And nutty me, we just discussed this on our debut show about depression and medications. It was one of those ‘slap me upside the head’ moments. So duh me!! Now I am back on track and hope to not forget again. I even bought a morning/evening pill box for my meds. I’m thinking the key is to actually add the meds in it and take them on time. Ya think! rolfmfao

Then, the coolest thing…my Sybil doll came.

The Padded Room Mascot

It’s kind of hard to tell as it was a quick pic, but she is wearing a straight jacket. So awesome. She is one of MANY dolls from the Living Dead Dolls line. I now have 5 and am hoping for one more.

My girls....

Click to enlarge the pics. They are dead and needed someone to care for them. Who better but me!


My newest Pic for The Real Life Network

Urban billboard baby!

Talk about ramblings…

Maybe my meds are kicking in and it is time for me to fly!! Love that REO Speedwagon song, don’t you?

Blessings and hope!!!