Throwing in the towel?

When do you know it’s time to ‘throw in the towel’?

To throw or not to throw

I’ve made jewelry for some time now, as it’s something I can do while sitting in my WC. I love it, but it’s getting so hard to do lately. I have a hard time holding on to the tools and beads as of late and, trust me, dropping beads is not fun. I’ve tried all kinds of things, such as glass pendants, no beads and not as hard to hang on to. But, I  miss beading and creating those designs. I have around 2000.00 worth of supplies that I have collected over the years and do not want to waste all those supplies. Trying to get them up on Artfire to sell them would take months. I am so confused about what to do. I’m trying to be positive in my thinking about the Tysabri. I’m hoping that if it works, I’ll be able to create again. That maybe I’ll get the strength in my hands back.

Today the depression was setting in big time. Luckily for me puppy kisses held it at bay. My furbabies seemed to know that mommy was sad and took control. I couldn’t help but smile. And I digress…

So, now I need to think and think about what I should do about my shop. Do I throw in the towel or what?



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Setting the record straight!


nuff said

I do not expect everyone to leave Etsy for my reasons of principle and morality. I know some who have and commend them on their ideals.

Etsy has changed their terms, which sadly in my eyes did nothing to change my mind. There are still cards up on the site that promote hate and intolerance. There is a card there, in the shop in question, with Jesus on a cross and it states, “What does some dead guy have to do with this holiday anyways? Merry Christmas”. WTF Really, that does not go against the ‘new’ terms!!!

I will not sell there or buy from there any longer. This is just me!

With that said, I know that there are people who rely on Etsy for income and cannot just pack up their shops and leave. I get that and am not trying to demean them or ridicule them for staying. The way the times are, some cannot afford to leave, and I DO get that. So do not demean or ridicule me for leaving. That’s all I’m saying.

For me,  ArtFire is less expensive [monthly fee only and no extra % on your sale] and has a better set-up. I will do my best to promote ArtFire for the amazing Artisan site it really is.


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