Throwing in the towel?

When do you know it’s time to ‘throw in the towel’?

To throw or not to throw

I’ve made jewelry for some time now, as it’s something I can do while sitting in my WC. I love it, but it’s getting so hard to do lately. I have a hard time holding on to the tools and beads as of late and, trust me, dropping beads is not fun. I’ve tried all kinds of things, such as glass pendants, no beads and not as hard to hang on to. But, I  miss beading and creating those designs. I have around 2000.00 worth of supplies that I have collected over the years and do not want to waste all those supplies. Trying to get them up on Artfire to sell them would take months. I am so confused about what to do. I’m trying to be positive in my thinking about the Tysabri. I’m hoping that if it works, I’ll be able to create again. That maybe I’ll get the strength in my hands back.

Today the depression was setting in big time. Luckily for me puppy kisses held it at bay. My furbabies seemed to know that mommy was sad and took control. I couldn’t help but smile. And I digress…

So, now I need to think and think about what I should do about my shop. Do I throw in the towel or what?



15 thoughts on “Throwing in the towel?

  1. MzT, I would be thrilled if you would let us sell your jewelry and/or supplies here in Canton! No matter what you decide to do (and I know from experience that unless your heart is still in it, you can’t make yourself do anything), let us help in any way we can. xoxo


    1. For some reason your comment made me tear up. I would love to to have my things sell through you. Let me know what I need to do to do this! TY Heather!!


  2. NO!!! NEVER throw in the towel!!! You might not be into it now…but tomorrow is another day…and tomorrow you might be into it and want to do it..and be able to do it.
    Heather did have a good suggestion too! I respect whatever decision you make but you asked and I’m answering….LOL…



  3. What happened to your saying? When the world says “give up”
    Hope whispers, “try it one more time!

    I know it’s easy for me to say that, but I cannot see you giving up so easy. Like Mary said. You might not be into It today but tomorrow is another day and you might want to do it. 🙂 (((( HUGZ )))) No matter what you decide, your friends are always here for you.


  4. My thinking exactly as the others mentioned…every day is different, there are good and bad, we all have them…but this is a love of yours and it is important to hold onto every type of love! Just take a rest and see how you feel down the road.



  5. If something is frustrating you and making you sad then why do it? I can’t tell from your post if you’re just fed up with trying or perhaps need another outlet?
    My aunt, who has arthritis in her hands, is in pretty much the same place you are with wondering what to do. She makes beautiful jewelry, loves to gold and now it just all hurts too much. So she is trying painting…but that’s her thing. I hope you find what makes your heart happy. So glad you have a fur-baby!


    1. I sit at my design table and get all kinds of ideas in my head on what I want to make. Then get nervous about holding items and such.
      I’m hoping the Tysabri gets to working for me… then maybe!
      I am getting more in to photography and photo editing.
      Who knows what tomorrow will bring!
      TY Kathy!
      BTW I have 4 furbabies [3 dogs, 1 cat] and a Bearded Dragon.


      1. A Bearded Dragon? Cool! We used to have an iguana, a couple of ferrets and some porcupines back when all the kids lived with us. That iguana always had us hoping! I still have scars on my arm from carrying him around…which he loved. The porcupines…not so much. The ferrets were a trip to watch. Now I just have my dog Jager (my daugher was 21 when she named him, can you tell?) who is my best bud…when he chooses to be 🙂
        I am so hoping the Tysabri works for you! Fingers and toes are crossed!


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