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Spending the day in bed…wanna join me?

Believe me, it’s not as glamorous as it seems. Now, if I had Gerard Butler fanning me and feeding me chocolate covered strawberries, that would be okay!!

Hello Gerard!!

The reality is not so lovely. Hubby says no design table or being out in the front until my legs stop swelling. I know he’s right, but I’m not happy about it. My mind is clear, but my body is in pain. This is when it sucks to be me. Mentally I can do anything, but when the body won’t cooperate it’s no bueno! 😦 There are only so many movies to watch and books to read. I’ve heard it said that only boring people are bored. SORRY, but that is bullshit! My boredom comes from my MS and being trapped in my own body. In my mind I can get up and go, my body says nope!

It’s during these times when I have to find my inner strength so I don’t fall into a deep depression. Finding it sometimes is a hard thing to do. Eventually, it shows up…

So, here I am in bed, with my MAC [only link to the outside world], my TV, and 3 of my fur-babies lying all over me. I guess I should be happy…they are actually sharing THEIR bed with me! 😛

xx, Tracy...

14 thoughts on “Spending the day in bed…wanna join me?

  1. Love you, MzT.

    And, by the way… have you ever considered writing a book? I happen to know of a certain group of folks–all of which are very fond of you–that are in the early stages of launching their own publishing company. Just sayin’… 😉 ❤


  2. Boy, that guy is hot!!;) I bet the fur kids are happy to have you snuggling with them. Do you watch the Big Bang Theory? That show has hub and I in stitches..we look forward to Tuesday evenings as TBS has it on for most of the evening.

    Take it slow and easy for a bit, I know you feel supercharged at times, but take it from me, the pain can knock you down and leave you stranded in bed.

    We all got your back!

    ❤ xoxo


  3. Ooooh.. Do you you think Gerard does house calls? I too could have used him this weekend while I was holding down the couch. The change of seasons has caused an exacerbation for me (as usual). I’m still working – but my job is sedentary, and I ret up at night and on weekends. It does catch up to me sometimes – it becomes hard to stay upbeat. I try.


    1. Maybe I should ask him. lol my days would be brighter! 😉

      It is hard to stay upbeat. I allow myself a few pity parties per week, then get over it. You’re invited to every one!


  4. When you think about it..Boredom for them is an option. You and I, and others don’t have that option. People often associate the things you feel and the problems you have with the elderly, if you listed your feelings with a second thought, you’ll see what I mean. People take things for granted, and sail through their days, but it should be that way in a sense, otherwise they would be living on a knives edge, and not living to their potential. And whilst no one should feel these things, in saying that it wouldn’t hurt people to see, to be aware. but for that to happen something has to happen to them or to someone they know. Something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But. In saying that, there is a twist, (And this just a thought of mine). You have a couple of gifts Tracy, if you see them or not I don’t know. The first is, is that you have a heart, the second, is, is you can ‘reach’ people. These things are rare, and whilst you’re only one person, a person with your gift will have a dominoes effect on people if you speak up. There are ways, a book is one, using your heart, your entries here could help fill in time gaps, but, that has to be your choice because there’s nothing more personal then heart poured words, maybe get others to share in a book with you, I don’t know.. There are probably other ways but at nearly 5am, (Even though I’ve only been up 4 hours). My brain won’t stretch. Perhaps this is food for thought, or carpet sweepings lol, I really don’t know. Regardless hun take care of you and yours, I’m here, we’re here… almost like a little Team-Tracy 😉 xx (I could see the ‘I H8 MS’ on bumper stickers soon). Like I said, you can reach people xxxx night night x


  5. Hi Tracy!
    I hope your legs will be better soon.
    I happen to have MS since 5 month now. The last 5 month were hard. I feel exactly how you feel: My body is tired, but my mind is awake and ready to do something. That really sucks.
    Wish you all the best and quick recovery!


    1. TY Stefanie! It completely sucks when our bodies won’t cooperate!

      I’m sorry about your MS, remember to stay strong and never give up!!


  6. Just read the other comments LOL now I feel a tad silly, but then on the other hand two of us can’t be wrong lol


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