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Losing my mind!!

Aha, got your attention! lol Actually my facebook status from their status shuffle says it all:

Lil’ ole’ me has lost my mind and doesn’t know where to find it, I’ll leave it alone, hoping it will come home, dragging my brain beside it!

I love it and it is so me!!

Things are going pretty good. Being back on Etsy is gr8. I made 2 sales, ty Frannie and Tina, and actually feel like making new things again. It gets me out of my room at least. I still am not feeling the ‘outside’ world yet since my hell stay, but baby steps ya know!

Awaiting return calls from some attorneys, but I think they are afraid of taking on the hospital. So, have some calls today to outside attorneys. You would think they [hospital liaison] would at least call to check in on how things are going, since they told me to keep themapprised on the bills. Ya, RIGHT!! lol They want me to forget, not happening.

My kids are off school for spring break. The girls get 2 weeks, the boy gets one. It’s actually been nice so far. Friends coming and going, so they are not bored. Bored kids are annoying kids. lol So keeping them busy is a gr8 thing. Austin went to Magic Mountain yesterday. FUN! He said he had a blast!


I love coasters!!! Woo Hoo!!

Hope everyone is having a great day/night wherever you may be!!

Blessings and Hope!

10 thoughts on “Losing my mind!!

  1. Absolutely love the status!!!

    I’m sure you’re right, they are hoping you’ll forget and just move on. Going to outside attorneys is probably the right thing to do.

    When we sued the school district, we had to find an attorney outside, because no one close wanted to tangle with them, they are too big and powerful, I would think a hospital would be too.

    Good Luck Honey… creativity is great! I’ve only worked on two projects, but I enjoyed my time doing them. Thanks for inspiring!

    Hugs oxoxox


  2. Thats great that your back to making beautiful jewelry 😀 I am liking them ..

    I am glad to know you haven’t gave up on that Hell hospital, you get-um girl!! They need to be taught a lesson In respect and caring.

    Rollar coasters are not for me…LOL, unless people want chunks landing on top of their heads down below, then I would never get on one of them rides..haha especially the coasters they build now a days..yikes!



    1. I am not going to give up, the bastards!! lol

      Coasters are awesome Frannie!! They are exhilarating! You either have to sit in the very front seat or the very back. fun fun fun!!


  3. I love roller coasters too! We had one right outside our room when we stayed at the first hotel in Las Vegas. I lived vicariously through the crazies riding on the coaster. Fun stuff wish I could have rode the darn thing, but I know better.

    You’re hangin’ in there and I’m impressed. Glad to see you making jewelry again and looking forward to checking it out!


    1. Was it the one at NY NY! I have not been on one in a few years. I am a bit afraid I may be able to take them now. But, if I ever get the chance again, I’ll go for it!


  4. Coasters are fun, wish my neck would agree (damn herniated…glad to hear the kids have some time off, always fun to hang out with friends…crazy attorneys, if they only realized how important it is to bring patient’s bad hospital stays to light and not worry about how the administration takes it…give em hell! xo


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