MS MS go away, don’t come again on any day!!

Posted: May 9, 2012 in anger, boredom, Fear, FUCK, health, multiple sclerosis, primary progressive MS, Quotes, RANDOM
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Grrrrr, another day in bed. I was getting a couple of things ready to ship out and bam, leg pain. The swelling has gone down considerably, now the pain. So, do I work through the pain and chance the swelling coming back… or do I get my MS ass back in bed. YUP back in bed, legs elevated! Bleck!!!

I guess I should be grateful that the MS allowed me a full week of creating and being out of bed. But, I’m not. That week is now causing me to be down and out. Kind of uncool!! There it is, MS is UNCOOL!! 😛

It took me almost 4 minutes just to get off the potty. Keep falling back while trying to pull up my pants. At least I didn’t pee-diddle myself! That’s a plus!

Now, I will try and find a good movie, get all the doggies in place on my/their bed, take some Norco and chillax…

Oh Happy happy joy joy!!

Y’all have a great one, if you need me I’m as close as my bed!!

Now, go buy my jewelry!!! lolol

And remember…

rofl, this be me!

 Peace out!! xx,Tracy

  1. Vciki says:

    enjoy your drugs honey …… that wonderful drift off feeling where you don’t give rats ass about anything ……. and hope you feel better later honey xx


  2. Just lay back and rest. Take it easy my friend sending you good feelings and lots hugs.


  3. Mary says:

    R & R..two awesome words in the dictionary!



  4. Hope you feel better soon. It is so UNCOOL that a period of joy and activity can bring on a week of pain… seems way too high a price to pay. Love Ya! ❤


  5. Frannie says:

    You crack me up! With your way with words….lol
    Pain pain…GO AWAY!


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