Looks like it’s a DVR morning; Law and Order:SVU, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy. Then back to Netflix to get caught up o Supernatural!

Cutie pies!

Was up much too early this morning. Bleck 5:30 am comes too fast. We decided that I’ll get up when Roger leaves for work. This way he can get me up out of the bed so I do not have a repeat of yesterday. Did I mention, I HATE MS! We’re wondering if the sudden worsening of my legs etc. is due to stopping the Tysabri. Maybe my body is adjusting itself to not having the medication in my body. Hopefully it will level out soon.

If you need me, you can find me in my bed again. I’ll be the one with three dogs lying all over me. 😉 I’m off as my hands will not cooperate.

Have a fabulous day/night everyone!

xx, Tracy…

  1. Vciki says:

    have you tried the BBC website they have some great programmes I’m loving all the Danish TV series my new love is The Bridge very dark set in Sweden and Denmark – just the type you like http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01gxlxj


  2. It could be your body adjusting just take it easy my dear and know I’ll be holding good thoughts for you’


  3. debjdarby says:

    OOO, that does sound really good and distracting! ❤


  4. Mary says:

    Love those mornings too..watching all my faves! Happy Mother’s Day!! What is on the agenda today? Bob and I are working in the yard, then I will cook tonight..no biggie, it makes me happy.

    Enjoy your day today!! xoxoxo


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