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‘The Perfect Getaway’

Watched this movie tonight. Anything with Timothy Olyphant is ok in my book. He is a cutie pie and easy on the eyes.


It’s also a good movie with a great plot and nice twists and turns. The scenery is breathtaking. My problem is it also makes me sad. I watch these movies and want so much to do things like this. [not the murders etc… lol] I want to travel and go into the Kauai mountains, take pictures, swim in the lagoons. Not going to happen for me. It can get depressing sometimes to see people doing the things I would so do if I was able. Luckily, I get over it in time or I’d be a complete basket case. Sometimes it just really sucks. I guess unless you live it you cannot understand it, but I’m sure you get the point! Ok, face it, I want to be my 6′ tall again, skinny, cute and on Kauai with Timothy Olyphant. There, you have it!! rofl

Ah, the pointless blogs, gotta love em!!


Blessings and Hope

9 thoughts on “‘The Perfect Getaway’

  1. Never pointless, ya goober!Anything you have to say is TEN times more interesting than what might come out of MY mouth…lolol

    And I’m with you on Timothy Olyphant…sigh…have you seen his new show, “Justified”? You’d LOVE it!

    When are we doing lunch next? Happy Hour at El Torito, baby!! 😉


  2. Tracy..I just bought The Perfect Getaway yesterday, I’m gonna watch it tonight. I didn’t know it was a thriller.. thats even better 😀


  3. Tracy!! A Perfect Getaway was GOOD! your right I did love it!! And I knew I reconized that guy from somwhere..LOL Timothy Olyphant, Hes the one who played the sheriff In that movie The Crazies…lol, the only thing I liked about The Crazies was him and the deputy, they were both

    Thanks for letting me know about the movie. Now I like Timothy Olyphant ❤ ooohh la la!!


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