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Antelope Valley ‘Hell Hospital’ Lancaster, CA

Unbeknown to me the whole ‘issue’ of my horrific stay was closed out February 18, 2010. Yet their reps were still talking to me through March and no one had the BALLS to tell me they had made their decision!!! Supposedly a letter was sent to me telling me all of this. Yup, you guessed it, no letter. And now, the so-called VP of nursing, Karen Loch, is no longer with the hospital. rofl!!! Typical!!! So, they bill me $1453.54 yesterday, from a February stay. Now if it had taken me 5 mos to pay them, I’d be in collections. Yet, they knew they were going to ‘dick’ me and it still took them 5 mos to bill me.

On March 8, 2010 this is what my notes say after my conversation with Karen :

Karen Loch called ext. 5368. She will be doing follow up and once I get all the charges together [after insurance payments] she will get me with the proper people who will take care of this for me.

Funny thing is according to Esther, she already knew it was a done deal and no one was going to help me at all.

For my ordeal, the blog starts here: Hell Hospital

I guess they figure they are some big Hospital that does not need to give a shit about their patients well being. I have been crying since I got the bill as it brought back all the feelings I have been trying to forget. I was de-humanized and belittled and humiliated!!

Time to get my thoughts all together and do something about this…

Blessings and Hope!

8 thoughts on “Antelope Valley ‘Hell Hospital’ Lancaster, CA

  1. PS.
    They also told me that the new VP of nursing would probably NOT call me regarding this. NICE

    Have a call into the Dept. Of Health Services right now.

    Will be contacting the newspaper as well.


  2. Well, I just called their billing dept and was told that my balance is zero dollars and that a bill for my hubby is now only a 100.00 co-pay. hmmmmmmm we shall see!


  3. WTF? Right hand not talking to the left hand (re what you actually “owe” them)?? You’re right. This hospital is a pathetic mess. Whatever the bill ends up…try to get something in writing so if they do send you to collections down the road, you’ve got something to back you up.

    Yep, talk to your newspaper, and all local media, your state & federal representatives…get ’em all on the bandwagon!! Good for you on keep notes and trying to make them be accountable!


  4. Tracy: contact all media that you possibly can!! Expose them for what they are! I don’t know that I wouldn’t contact an attorney about how they treated you. I remember your ordeal and I felt so bad for you!! No one should ever be treated or made to feel bad like they did to you!! Unacceptable!


  5. Reminds me of the nightmare I endured with my power chair provider and manufacturer, Medicare, a local congressman and the Attorney General of my state… pass the buck and screw the patient!

    Just be careful what you share with media. The AG’s office told me, when I asked if I should contact the papers, that personally he would want to, but that he couldn’t guarantee me that any one of the entities I referred to above, wouldn’t sue me if I named them publicly.

    I suppose even writing a blog could be used against me and I wrote something like 9 or 10 of them about my ordeal.

    Love & Hugs oxoxox


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