Candy Crush-aholic!

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Ramblings, RANDOM, silly, stupid_stuff
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Hi my name is Tracy, and I’m a Candy Crush-aholic!

This game is highly addictive. Thanks to one of my favorite people, my stepmom, I’m addicted. I actually play a lot of games. They keep my mind occupied. When you’re stuck in bed most of the time,  it’s good to have an outlet. And games are my thing. My neurologist says it’s good to play them as they keep your mind active. Well if that’s true, then my mind is active all the time.

Level 257 bitches!

Level 257 bitches!

I play this and a few others on my MAC, my iPad, and my iPhone. I know, I need to get a life! lol But, this is my life. I’ve had to learn to let go of many things and find new things to replace them. Thanks to the internet, I found games!! Woot Woot!


At this time, I’m getting ready to watch, Alfred Hitchcock Presents. He was a twisted little man. Probably why I like his shows. The Birds [1963] is a favorite of mine. Years ago I was in Bodega Bay and they still have the ‘fake’ crows on the school fences and around the town. Totally creepy, but wickedly cool. Psycho [1960] is another favorite. There are so many of his works I love. Wicked is as wicked does! 😛

Good Evening!

Good Evening!

Off for now and back to Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Kids are all out with friends, hubby getting ready for bed, so quiet time with TV for me. Ahhhhh silence!

love and light

  1. Mary says:

    I never played that before, but I am so technologically challenged I still play the old fashioned card games that are on my desktop…hee hee.

    I love Alfred Hitchcock!! I bought a big DVD volume of his TV show and really enjoy it. Do you like The Twilight Zone? That freaked me out as a kid, but was cool..and Lost In Space..the best! How about Kolchak-“The Night Stalker”? Those were some of the best shows back then. xoxo


  2. Vicki says:

    I have not started Candy Crush as I know I will get sucked in ………..
    enjoy your TV xxx


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