NYC Fundraiser!

Update: December 23

Thanks to so many, we have raised 240.00 and the MS society may donate 300.00 as well. WOOT WOOT!

Gifts will be sent out this month to all who have donated. If anyone else is interested, please feel free to read this blog for more information!


This is a personal fundraiser for my dd Ashley. Ashley’ band has the opportunity to go to NYC Spring 2011. They will be going to: The Empire State Bldg., Hard Rock Cafe, A Broadway Play, Times Square, Bubba Gump, Statue of Liberty, NY Philharmonic at Lincoln Center, and the piesta resistance …their band will be performing in a NYC Parade!!

The cost for this trip is 1500.00 + any monies for her to have while in NYC. It includes all of the above plus round trip airfare and the Hotel.

New York...New York

This, IMHO, is a chance of a lifetime for her and she deserves to go. She has been Principal’s list for 6 years, President’s list for 5. She is in all IB/Honors classes and plays in Marching Band and Concert Band. She also played 2 years AYSO Soccer while still keeping a 4.0. This is not to brag [ok it is a little] but to explain why I feel she deserves to go on this trip.

This is how the fundraiser will work. For any donation 10.00 or over you will receive a surprise hand made accessory made by me. Accessories will range from cell phone charms/lanyards, bracelets, to necklaces or more. 100% will go to her trip.

If you are able to donate, please click the donate button. After you log in, click the send money, then personal, then gift. In the notes please write; NYC Fundraiser. Make sure your address shows up for your hand made item from me.

There is an awesome pair of baked clay UGG’s [discontinued color] here for sale. The money from these is also going into her fund. 🙂

Thanks everyone!!

xx, Tracy…


9 thoughts on “NYC Fundraiser!

  1. I sent my donation, but there was nothing that said, send money, personal and then gift…lol, It just said donation amount and then purpose. So I hope you get my donation 🙂



  2. Ok, now I see where I should have did it.. well hope you get it still. I know now for next time..lol, one of my senior moments.


  3. Absolutely will I donate…what a fantastic trip to look forward to and the opportunity to perform in a NYC parade, which I hear is spectacular and she will love the show, how exciting!!
    HUGS to you both!



  4. I just donated some mula… Tracy, she’s going to have a blast in NY.. I’ve never been, but my Ashley just came back from there a couple of weeks ago. Best time of her life!!!




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