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Bringing in 2011

I haven’t blogged much as of late… not much to say.

best to be quiet

This past year has been one of those roller-coaster rides you just want to get off. A not-so-fabulous hellish hospital stay, a few bad MS months, the waiting for the shower to be done, and just normal FML things.


There is also the roller-coaster rides you never want to end. The love and support shown during and after my hellish hospital stay and during the bad MS months. Thanks to a couple of Angels, we are debt free and finally getting caught up. [so hoping the other shoe does not drop] I know, pessimism at its finest. I’m trying, lol

This year has also brought true friendships to light and I am so blessed with them. And yes, you know who you are.

I have no resolutions as I never keep them. I just hope for my MS to slow down before it puts me in a home. But, if the home is in an asylum, I might find it kind of cool. Free meds… need I say more. Wonder if they have wireless access…

So, I really don’t have much to say yet again.

I just wanted to wish all my family, friends, and anyone who needs a wish, A very happy and wonderful 2011. May all your dreams come true.

One lil thing too, remember to be a bit kinder and caring to those who may be struggling in their life. We never know what smiles may be hiding…

8 thoughts on “Bringing in 2011

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR YEAR!! to you and your family Tracy.

    Thank you for being my Fab Friend<3 Love reading your blogs and you make me laugh with your funny statuses on FB 😀 which reminds me I cannot do anything on FB for the past couple of days, not sure if it's FB or my stupid A O hell! and I cannot log onto Fab40 today either. Somethings wrong in the world this week…lol!!

    My ending of 2010 has not been a good one but I guess it just goes along with the rest of my 2010. Too much drama with the family, can't hang out with my bff tonight cause some stupid drunk did a hit and run on her car so thank you to him we can't celebrate together (@#@#$%^&)!! My hubby has been taken over by aliens…LOL! he actually cleaned his room this week and today he is shampooing his carpet?? WTF? am I still sleeping and dreaming or am I in the twilight zone.

    Ok well I hope 2011 brings all of us lots of happiness and good health, and bring MzTracy some dancing shoes cause she will be dancing soon!! sorry if I took up your space with my long commet..lol

    HAPPY 2011!!! (((Hugz)))


    1. You can take up as much space as ya want!! ❤

      I'm so sorry about what happened to your friend's car. Thankfully she wasn't hurt, just the car. But it sucks that you weren't able to spend New Years together.

      As for the hubby cleaning… I'm thinking twilight zone!! lol Just enjoy it while it lasts!!

      Here's to a great 2011 for us all!!


  2. I hear ya on all the hellishness of 2010…if we can survive 2011 we’ll be good…and since the world ends in 2012 we will be okay.

    I’m with you to on not making resolutions, the last one I made was to not make anymore because I suck at keeping them.

    And lastly….Frannie if Fab40 comes back up then we can maybe get together there and ring in the new year, that’s if I make it until midnight….

    Loves ya my sisters from the other misters….


    1. True only 2 more years to deal with this crap so all it good!! 😛

      Thanks for bringing in the New Year with me!! I’m surprised we made it. rofl

      loves ya!!!


  3. Happy New Year Tracy! I hope 2011 brings nothing but amazing things to you and your family! And before you go checking into any asylum, yes, please make sure they have internet access or I might have to smash my computer!!! 😉 Love ya woman! Peace and love!!!


  4. Happy Bright and Beautiful 2011!!…as I sit and think back how fortunate my life is to have found Fab40 and the very special women that make it what it is.

    On a personal note, Tracy, you have shown us all what it takes to not let go of the happiness and love deep in your heart, no matter how tough things can be, that ray of hope is something that is you and is shed on all of us. Much love and blessings to you, my dear friend!

    …and if you ever visit the funny farm, please ask to reserve a bed for me!



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