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Sisters missing a brother they never got to know…

Can you help, will you help…

This is a link to their story. Sisters seek brother who was adopted in 1971

I know there are times that maybe adoptees do not want to be found. I do not believe this is one of those times. I feel, in my heart, that he would love to know how missed and loved he has been for so long.

This is a New Year, one that I hope will bring a family back together. Siblings are the most important part of a family unit. Let’s help these sisters find this piece of the puzzle that has been missing for so long.


xx, Tracy...





In the news: is Elton John and his partner going to adopt a toddler from A Hungarian orphanage? Katherine Heigl and her hubby adopting from Korea. And we know Brangelina adopt from all over the world. And do not forget about Madonna!

How will our own Country ever be strong if our own children are forgotten? We have orphans here in the United States in need of of families as well. Many of them are in awful circumstances and could use a loving home. Many of them are lost in the system and feel unloved and forgotten.

But, if an actor adopts from another Country you are headline news. If an actor adopts from the USA they get a one day small article. EX: Sharon Stone adopted a child from the U.S.A. How many knew that one?

We have babies here whose parents have died from AIDS in our Country as well. Whose parents have died from tragic accidents. What about them? Is it for the bigger headlines? Really, why?

Until we help those in need here in our own Country, we will never be strong again. Why are our babies forgotten? I feel for the babies in the other countries as well, but until ours are taken care of how can we ever be strong again. We too have white babies, black babies, asian babies, and more here in the USA that would love to have a home.

We cannot help any other country’s babies until we save our own and become the strongest Country in the World once more. We have to help our babies, here at home to become strong once again. Why is that so hard to see? I know many of these children come from horrible places, but our orphans do as well. Why is it different?

I am NOT saying these children do not matter. I am saying we cannot help others until we heal our own! Our babies are fostered out, and not always to loving people. They can be thrown around from home to home one day being out on their own. Some run away. Some end up on the streets with no means of taking care of themselves. Some may join gangs, some may turn to the streets and basically end up selling their soul. Just one of these babies may not have ended up this way if someone in their own Country had choose to adopt them and love them.

I’m sorry if some do not agree, but this is my blog and my feelings. If I did not have this MonSter of a disease I would love to adopt a child or two to add to my family. I always wanted to adopt one day. But, now, I am not able.

I know that ALL children are special and important. Maybe if all of our own babies got a good home with love one day they may adopt from another place. In a perfect world I guess…

Blessings and Peace