In the news: is Elton John and his partner going to adopt a toddler from A Hungarian orphanage? Katherine Heigl and her hubby adopting from Korea. And we know Brangelina adopt from all over the world. And do not forget about Madonna!

How will our own Country ever be strong if our own children are forgotten? We have orphans here in the United States in need of of families as well. Many of them are in awful circumstances and could use a loving home. Many of them are lost in the system and feel unloved and forgotten.

But, if an actor adopts from another Country you are headline news. If an actor adopts from the USA they get a one day small article. EX: Sharon Stone adopted a child from the U.S.A. How many knew that one?

We have babies here whose parents have died from AIDS in our Country as well. Whose parents have died from tragic accidents. What about them? Is it for the bigger headlines? Really, why?

Until we help those in need here in our own Country, we will never be strong again. Why are our babies forgotten? I feel for the babies in the other countries as well, but until ours are taken care of how can we ever be strong again. We too have white babies, black babies, asian babies, and more here in the USA that would love to have a home.

We cannot help any other country’s babies until we save our own and become the strongest Country in the World once more. We have to help our babies, here at home to become strong once again. Why is that so hard to see? I know many of these children come from horrible places, but our orphans do as well. Why is it different?

I am NOT saying these children do not matter. I am saying we cannot help others until we heal our own! Our babies are fostered out, and not always to loving people. They can be thrown around from home to home one day being out on their own. Some run away. Some end up on the streets with no means of taking care of themselves. Some may join gangs, some may turn to the streets and basically end up selling their soul. Just one of these babies may not have ended up this way if someone in their own Country had choose to adopt them and love them.

I’m sorry if some do not agree, but this is my blog and my feelings. If I did not have this MonSter of a disease I would love to adopt a child or two to add to my family. I always wanted to adopt one day. But, now, I am not able.

I know that ALL children are special and important. Maybe if all of our own babies got a good home with love one day they may adopt from another place. In a perfect world I guess…

Blessings and Peace

9 thoughts on “Adoption…

  1. TRACY….don’t faint…but I agree with you here. haha
    We have too many babies right here in the US that need adopting. Of course I do have friends that have adopted outside of the U.S. but there were reasons such as one couple were missionaires in Russia and lived there for a period of time. They did adopt a little boy from Russia but there is history there for them.

    But I do agree there is are plenty of children right here in the good ole U.S.A. that need loving parents and families. I have another set of friends that are white and adopted the cutest black babies you’ve ever seen. They are wonderful parents to these girls and have enriched my friend’s lives immensely. And you’re right…what is all the hoopla over celebrities adopting outside of the U.S.? Are we suppose to look at them and say “awwwwww….look …they gave that foreign child a home? Personally I don’t think they should have any publicity at all…one to protect that child…second…aren’t we suppose to do things for others without having to be recognized for doing so?

    Great blog….thank you for writing it!


  2. Great blog, Tracy. i agree with you 100%.

    It would be wonderful if some of these celebrities would do things for our own country instead of every country but! Look at Oprah, building that school in Africa for girls. Uhhhhhh, what about our children who aren’t schooled?
    That is another entire story I don’t need to get started on! LOL

    Sharon Stone is FABULOUS! And so is Tracy Radford!


  3. oh judy, my girl. Our schools need help here. We have so many kids yearning for good education that never get it.
    I am so with you!!! hmmmm Another blog I’m thinking!


  4. IMHO part of the problem with the adoption process is the red tape involved in getting a baby. Other countries make it easier for Americans to adopt. Our foster system is a mess with a number of people doing it for the monthly income fostering kids provides. Great blog.


    1. I agree with you as well ruby. It is a mess. But, I really believe the ‘stars’ could do so if they cared to.

      And sadly, so many fosters could care a less a bout the child. Not all, but many!


  5. Great Blog GF!!

    Ruby is right. My husband and I adopted a boy with special needs. We looked at adoption for a couple of years and gave up, the red tape, the cost, is so great, it’s instantly discouraging.

    Children with special needs (which can be defined by disability, sibling group, age, etc.) can be adopted for FREE!

    Being a person with a disability myself, when we learned of this program “State Wide Adoption Network (S.W.A.N.), that they subsidized adoptions, we finally had hope. We decided to adopt a child with a disability. Our son was 5 when we met him, on his 6th birthday we spent our first weekend together. He called me ‘momma’ during that visit.

    We had several interviews with caseworkers, they did background checks, etc. and he came to spend a weekend at our house. He went back for one week, they gathered his things and he moved in with us for an 8 month trial period.

    At the end of the 8th month, we went before a judge in the county where our son was born and on record in the orphans court (both parents had relinquished their parental rights voluntarily). The program paid for the attorney, the court costs, new birth certificate, etc. We had a monthly stipend (just like foster children receive) and a Medicaid card, to offset his medical expenses.

    There was no way, but for this program, that we could have ever been parents.

    He’s about to celebrate his 19th birthday, he graduated high school this past June and he’s starting a work exploration program.

    What an incredible gift he’s been. We needed him as much as he needed us.

    Thank you so much for this blog!!
    Love & Hugs ox


    1. Robin what an awesome thing you did. What a lucky family having each other.

      It truly is sad the cost to adopt a child. If they regulated this and children did not ‘cost’ to love them, we would not need foster parents. And there goes the debt! lol

      I have heard way too many horror stories about fosters. I know not all are bad, but many are in it just for the money.



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