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Leaving ETSY

My NEW info on my ETSY page:

Due to ETSY allowing a disgusting person to sell disgusting items, I am moving back to ArtFire.

ETSY feels that cards making fun of children with Downs Syndrome, congratulating people on being raped and being diagnosed with AIDS and Breast Cancer is not against their terms of use. WTF I think they need to pull their heads out of their ass’.

If they or a loved one ‘applied’ to any of these cards or if they had compassion this shop would be gone.

I love funny off kilter jokes and am a bit off myself at times, but this type of freedom of speech is not funny. Here’s funny… I hope those that find this okay and think it’s funny, will need one of these cards one day. Then let’s see how funny they are!
For those who I purchase from regularly, I’m sorry, But I will not be purchasing from there either.

I hope others follow suit and leave here as well. It all about principles and morals which it seems etsy does not have.

To see what I am referring to and SIGN the petition [which does not seem to bother etsy] go here:

Petition to Remove re: Etsy shop

This is a letter a friend who complained as well received from the powers at esty. I still have no received anything back from them.

This is Adam Brown, I’m the press manager at Etsy. Thank you for sharing your concerns about this shop. I’m sorry to see that something in our marketplace was upsetting to you. I agree with you that the items are offensive. But, they are not illegal, nor are they breaking any of Etsy’s rules about selling on the site. 

Since …it appears that you have already received our standard response, I will skip it. Please feel free to pass along my contact information.

Thank you,

Adam Brown
Etsy Press
o: 718-855-8874
c: 917-297-5342

Hey Adam, get your head outta your ass dude!!

Etsy’s official policy is to take no responsibility for the products sold on its site. Etsy’s official Terms of Use state that it  “has no control over the quality, safety, morality or legality of any aspect of the items listed.” However, in the list of prohibited items, Etsy says that it does not allow items that harass others or that are deemed obscene.

So Adam, Congratulating someone on getting raped is not obscene?? Again you and your company need to get your heads out of your ass!!!!


Since my morals seem to be above others, I’m outta etsy. I guarantee they make more off of my shop than this other idiots, and money is what it’s all about right?

I hope to see you at my new shop on ArtFire.

Blessings and Hope!

13 thoughts on “Leaving ETSY

    1. Working with kids that were raped when I was in college I find this whole thing disgusting. Knowing people with Cancer and AIDS this is not funny at all. And making fun of Children with Downs Syndrome and their parents is just wrong on so many levels.

      Etsy allowing this shows me the type of people that work there. I will not make them or give any more of my money!!

      Hope it’s ok I used your letter! 😀


  1. Hooray!!…it is this sort of shit that is causing a lack of morality, sensitivity and general concern for any human being, and they will no longer get my business!

    I mentioned to my sister and her friend about you changing back to Artfire, so this will give them a chance to view your shop.



  2. singing the song…..”I will follow you” where ever you may go!” I don’t really know the exact words, but I go where you go…lol 😀



  3. Hey Tracy, I was looking for people who left Etsy and stumbled upon your blog. I didn’t see the item you were referring to but it sounded simply unacceptable.

    I had been an Etsy seller for 2+ years and sold more than 1,100 items. And a couple of months back Etsy closed my shop because of a rubber stamp I carved of a Lego figure. It was a customize lego couple portrait stamp, and I did clarify in my product description about the copyright belonging to Lego. Still Etsy closed my shop without notification and the admin people I contacted behaved like they didn’t give a damn.

    So I decided to leave Etsy for good and reopened my own shop with Shopify. You can check it out here: and I’ve been getting some orders from my old Etsy customers. I really feel that Etsy wasn’t respecting the community which is absurd considering that’s what they are apparently so proud of.

    I went to your ArtFire shop and it looks really nice! I especially like the necklace with the red ribbon. How are you doing on ArtFire? Do you get as many customers as on Etsy?

    Greetings from Beijing,


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