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Southwest Air Discriminates

I am putting a couple pictures here of southwest policy for people with disabilities. If I wasn’t so angry right now, it would be a bit comical.

If approved! What this says to me is, you can apply but don’t expect to actually be allowed to fly. 🤔

I guess if I am one of the first people for this flight that purchases a ticket, I still may get booted off. Basically, we’re ready to go we have all the proper information with us… But wait the flight is now 50% full. We’re sorry but we are going to kick you off this plane until we have a plane that is less than 50% full. Excuse me, what?! My ticket was purchased, it’s not my problem that you decided to fill up your flight. We did everything you asked. Jumped through every hoop you wanted. That just isn’t good enough for Southwest Air. my friends complied with every one of their ridiculous rules. Bryan had both vaccinations, a negative Covid test, and two doctors notes. What more did they want, Cheri’s first born, or a sacrifice to the Gods?! 

My favorite thing is the fact that when passengers need to eat, their masks are allowed to come off. I guess while you eat Covid doesn’t leave you because it knows you’re eating food. Really Southwest air! If that is the case, you should have no food service on your airlines because you’re saying that federal law states you cannot be unmasked on their planes. Oh by the way, it isn’t a law. It has not gone through the courts to become a law. All this airline is doing is discriminating against a whole group of people with developmental disabilities. The best part, is you can only have one person on the flight that is exempt from wearing the mask. I guess if you have twins or more than one child with the disability, you have to take separate flights. I’m sorry, but whoever wrote this up and made these rules, is one incompetent buffoon! What Southwest did to my friends is against the law!

Now if he was physically two years old he could’ve flown. I guess two-year-olds and under do not carry Covid so it’s OK that they don’t wear a mask. I’m sorry but I’d be more concerned of a two-year-old whose parents are probably doing things when they’re at home to be carrying Covid, than my friend’s son who has done all of the precautions and does not have Covid, being on that flight. His life is basically quarantine even before all of this Covid. Trust me I’m one of the biggest proponents for wearing your mask and doing what you should do. But in this instance, what Southwest is doing, is wrong! Bryan would literally have been the safest person on that airline. Both vaccinations, negative Covid test, doctors notes. Someone needs to make this right! 

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Leaving ETSY

My NEW info on my ETSY page:

Due to ETSY allowing a disgusting person to sell disgusting items, I am moving back to ArtFire.

ETSY feels that cards making fun of children with Downs Syndrome, congratulating people on being raped and being diagnosed with AIDS and Breast Cancer is not against their terms of use. WTF I think they need to pull their heads out of their ass’.

If they or a loved one ‘applied’ to any of these cards or if they had compassion this shop would be gone.

I love funny off kilter jokes and am a bit off myself at times, but this type of freedom of speech is not funny. Here’s funny… I hope those that find this okay and think it’s funny, will need one of these cards one day. Then let’s see how funny they are!
For those who I purchase from regularly, I’m sorry, But I will not be purchasing from there either.

I hope others follow suit and leave here as well. It all about principles and morals which it seems etsy does not have.

To see what I am referring to and SIGN the petition [which does not seem to bother etsy] go here:

Petition to Remove re: Etsy shop

This is a letter a friend who complained as well received from the powers at esty. I still have no received anything back from them.

This is Adam Brown, I’m the press manager at Etsy. Thank you for sharing your concerns about this shop. I’m sorry to see that something in our marketplace was upsetting to you. I agree with you that the items are offensive. But, they are not illegal, nor are they breaking any of Etsy’s rules about selling on the site. 

Since …it appears that you have already received our standard response, I will skip it. Please feel free to pass along my contact information.

Thank you,

Adam Brown
Etsy Press
o: 718-855-8874
c: 917-297-5342

Hey Adam, get your head outta your ass dude!!

Etsy’s official policy is to take no responsibility for the products sold on its site. Etsy’s official Terms of Use state that it  “has no control over the quality, safety, morality or legality of any aspect of the items listed.” However, in the list of prohibited items, Etsy says that it does not allow items that harass others or that are deemed obscene.

So Adam, Congratulating someone on getting raped is not obscene?? Again you and your company need to get your heads out of your ass!!!!


Since my morals seem to be above others, I’m outta etsy. I guarantee they make more off of my shop than this other idiots, and money is what it’s all about right?

I hope to see you at my new shop on ArtFire.

Blessings and Hope!