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Etsy: Policy Changes

UPDATE: Etsy is a joke. The site is still there and some cards as well, just a word change here and there. I guess poking fun at religion and showing ‘a dead guy’ on a cross, as the shop owner puts it is also okay in Etsy’s book. Wake up people…

Policy Change: Prohibiting Items and Listings That Disparage or Promote Hate

For me and many others this is a day late and a dollar short. They are making it look like it was a lil mishap and they took care of it straight away.  NOT!!! This shop had complaints going for weeks. Nothing was done except a few blanket responses.

It took over 16,000 signatures and a spot on Jane Velez Mitchell’s show for them to even give a shit. One of Etsy’s own designers purchased from the shop and wrote how the cards were hilarious.

To understand my disdain go here: Leaving Etsy.

All their “aren’t we awesome cause we wrote new terms of use blog” did was leave a poor taste in my mouth. If not for the signatures and the Jane Velez Mitchell spot, the cards would still be there. They care nothing for how it made some fellow Etsians feel.

I am proud of the stand I took!! My reply to their blog:
I, for one, am very glad Etsy finally took a stand. For me however, the stand came much too late. That terrible site was left up for much too long. Myself and many friends are already leaving the Etsy site.
For those ‘wondering’ about other unsure items, you must have been out of the loop regarding the site in question. The site clearly harassed certain groups of people, which was already in the terms. Still wondering why it took so long to remove.
My only regrets is no longer selling or shopping here. Funny thing is one of the Etsy designers purchased from the shop and thought the demeaning and harassing cards were funny. Go figure!
Good luck to all…


xx, Tracy...

10 thoughts on “Etsy: Policy Changes

  1. Just too late and my view is are now trying to turn this into positive PR ………

    But to all those people who asked why I was covering my Facebook wall moaning about this – the answer is if the little guy doesn’t take a stand then this will just creep into the normal and yeah for us say NO ……


  2. Way to go, give it to ’em sister!…it really is a shame about Etsy as I did love some of the vendors, but I can’t shop on a place that has no respect for it’s fellow man!



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