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Etsy Blog comments

My comments to the Etsy Blog

First comment:

I, for one, am very glad Etsy finally took a stand. For me however, the stand came much too late. That terrible site was left up for much too long. Myself and many friends are already leaving the Etsy site.
For those ‘wondering’ about other unsure items, you must have been out of the loop regarding the site in question. The site clearly harassed certain groups of people, which was already in the terms. Still wondering why it took so long to remove.
My only regret is no longer selling or shopping here. Funny thing is one of the Etsy designers purchased from the shop and thought the demeaning and harassing cards were funny. Go figure!
Good luck to all…

Second Comment after seeing not much had changed:

ROFL!!! The site, with the offensive name, is still there as are a couple of the cards in question. One just had a word added to make it seem ok.
I’m all for freedom of speech, but this was/is straight out cruelty towards a group of people.

Guess it is ok to show a man hanging on a cross and call him ‘some dead guy’. Because that card is still up. And the other cards in questions are still showing in his sold items!

Nothing would have been done if we had not gotten together and received almost 25,000 signatures and Jane Velez Mitchell involved. All the cards would still be there. Etsy is a joke!


Everything I wrote was true and completely in tune with the blog. Seems they deleted this comment as the truth hurts and sent me a pm:

Hi there,

I recognize that you are upset over a specific shop, and I encourage you to send your concerns to content@etsy.com. The blog comments, however, are not an appropriate forum to talk about this, particularly when they do not relate to the post. I’ve thus deleted your comments and ask that you refrain from continuing to post about the issue. I hope you understand.


My comment back:

My comment had everything to do with the post seeing as you removed some but not others of the cards in question. Etsy did not do as they said.

My comments were in truth and in no way slander. This proves Etsy takes what they like and leave the rest!

I sent my concerns to your support with no replies. If a comment is true in nature, you have no right to delete said comment. That is in breech of the first amendment.


As stated above, Etsy is a joke!

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9 thoughts on “Etsy Blog comments

  1. I guess in this day and age anything goes, maybe we should start a crusade of our own…WOMEN AGAINST IMMORAL ASSHOLES! 🙂



  2. The truth hurts. Keep it movin Tracy. You are much too big for the BS here. WE ALL LOVE YOU and I plan to remove Etsy from my blog.


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