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Ah Life!

So, the 4 day pain in my head has quieted…now just an agonizing throbbing. My neuro called in a script to Rite Aid for me and they said they would not take it over the phone!! WTF! By the time they let us know it was too late for Rog to drive and pick up the prescription from the neuro. All this went on I was sleeping, or I would have said to call CVS or Walgreen’s. I have been a customer at this Rite Aid for 7 years.  They now have lost a customer, and I will be calling to let them know it!! rofl

Not much sleep last night, serious back pain. I’m thinking it is from lying down for the past 4 days or it may be an infection. UTI, Kidney, Bladder…one of those. Sadly can not go to the doctor as right now can not afford it. We have to pay 2000.00 oop before the 80/20 kicks in, then 3500.00 before full coverage. Thanks to an illness, that I did not ask for, and the greedy people behind Blue Cross. My doctor uses lab corp but they [ins] do not cover lab corp [Quest], so I need a new doctor now too. NICE!!

I’m afraid to tell my neuro too much of what’s going on with me as he will put me in the Big House! lol Then he’ll have them hook me up to some IV Solumedrol. He knows how much I love that stuff. I’m actually thinking it may be a good thing, as the pain is becoming too much for me. Thanks to Rite Aid, I ended up having to take more than one of my pain killers which dummied me up enough for the headache to go but brought on serious tummy issues. Ah, the joys of being me! [for bad serious esophageal pain, white bread de-crusted – pain is gone] Seriously!

So now I sit [back pain too much to lie down] wondering what today will bring. Sorry not more positive, bit it’s hard when life hands you all the lemons and your juicer is broken! 😛

Blessings and Hope.

10 thoughts on “Ah Life!

  1. Shouldn’t the neuro know the ex couldn’t be called in or is that a special Rite Aid policy?

    And I wonder what would happen if you told your doctor you had to find a new one because of the labs? Maybe there’s a different option there?

    I am feeling hurt for you because of what you’re going through…you are such a strong woman! I love the way that you talk. This is how it is, this is how I’m feeling and you just deal.

    Got fingers crossed for you!


    1. My neuro has called my Rx in many times before. So, not sure why they did not this time. Slept most of the day so have not called them yet.

      I finally got the pain med and it is working [knock wood] a bit better than my old one. 🙂


  2. My juicer is broken too, hope you get better soon…I’m off to try for a nap.

    Maybe we can carry a sack of lemons and find our way to Blue Cross Headquarters and throw lemons at those effers.


  3. Sorry you have to have so many lemons sweetie.. take them and squeeze them in Rite Aid’s eyes.. LOL
    Hopes the meds are working for you.. xoxo


  4. I’ve been dealing with terrible pain in my right hip, right leg and right shoulder now for a couple of days. It was so bad I took my prescription pain meds, I was desperate for some relief, but unfortunately, the side effects put me on my back in bed, so dizzy and nauseated I couldn’t stand to even sit in my chair upright.

    Must be something in the air right now… I know I’ve about had it with the pain.

    Sorry to hear you’re going through this. Every time I try to make lemonade with the lemons life hands me, I get lemon juice right in my eye! LOL

    Soft Hugs oxox


  5. Popped in to see how you are! I hope you are feeling better, thats a lot of lemons to deal with at once! Thank goodness outs didnt go to deductibles yet, b/c when they do, we will not be able to afford to see a Dr. Sometimes I can’t even come up with a small co-pay to go, its crazy! I feel for ya! Hope your feeling better now!


  6. Princess I’m so mad – really mad in fact furiously mad – that you have to go through this but also you can’t get basic medical attention because of your dumb healthcare system.
    You know my feelings – healthcare is a basic human right and no one should be left behind.
    What would possess a country to hand over health care to insurance companies – I can’t get my head round this and never will – but I do know this no insurance company has ever gone broke.
    Let me say for the record the UK has many faults but we are not bankrupt due to our cradle to grave care we give our citizens – the debt we are straddled with now is by bankers …..
    Get well soon honey xxxx


  7. I wish I could take your pain away…damn ins. companies, drugstores and docs, they all piss me off! sister has been on IV steroids all this week due to inflammation in her eye relating to the MS and I am far away from her too..makes me cry so much…hope this note finds you feeling a bit better today..much love and hugs!! xxoo


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