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Ah Life!

So, the 4 day pain in my head has quieted…now just an agonizing throbbing. My neuro called in a script to Rite Aid for me and they said they would not take it over the phone!! WTF! By the time they let us know it was too late for Rog to drive and pick up the prescription from the neuro. All this went on I was sleeping, or I would have said to call CVS or Walgreen’s. I have been a customer at this Rite Aid for 7 years.  They now have lost a customer, and I will be calling to let them know it!! rofl

Not much sleep last night, serious back pain. I’m thinking it is from lying down for the past 4 days or it may be an infection. UTI, Kidney, Bladder…one of those. Sadly can not go to the doctor as right now can not afford it. We have to pay 2000.00 oop before the 80/20 kicks in, then 3500.00 before full coverage. Thanks to an illness, that I did not ask for, and the greedy people behind Blue Cross. My doctor uses lab corp but they [ins] do not cover lab corp [Quest], so I need a new doctor now too. NICE!!

I’m afraid to tell my neuro too much of what’s going on with me as he will put me in the Big House! lol Then he’ll have them hook me up to some IV Solumedrol. He knows how much I love that stuff. I’m actually thinking it may be a good thing, as the pain is becoming too much for me. Thanks to Rite Aid, I ended up having to take more than one of my pain killers which dummied me up enough for the headache to go but brought on serious tummy issues. Ah, the joys of being me! [for bad serious esophageal pain, white bread de-crusted – pain is gone] Seriously!

So now I sit [back pain too much to lie down] wondering what today will bring. Sorry not more positive, bit it’s hard when life hands you all the lemons and your juicer is broken! 😛

Blessings and Hope.