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Wheel-Chariot of my dreams!

Quantum Rehab
Quantum Rehab

This is the chair I need, want, and must have! It has a leg elevating option which will help my ankles not to swell. It reclines and can elevate a few inches to help reach things. I’m working on getting this sometime in the next few months. I have to jump through insurance hoops, but I’m used to that. MY neurologist is sending the store my diagnosis report, then they get with my insurance to see how much, if any, they will pay. Once that is done a representative comes to my home to get measurements, etc.

Insurance will not help much. They feel a wheelchair only needs to get you from point A to point B. It does not need elevating legs, recline, or elevation. They call those ‘luxuries’!  Are they fucking kidding me!! It’s a ‘luxury’ to elevate my legs, to recline, and make it easier to reach things? WOW!! I guess it’s a luxury to be crippled too! grrrrrr I didn’t ask for MS so why is it so hard to want to be able to have a chair that helps me live my life with MS.

I’ll do whatever I have to, to get this chair. I spend my time in bed as the chair I have is a basic model. After 20 minutes of sitting my legs swell and my lower back is in pain. This ‘new’ chair will allow me to get up and get going. I will be able to make my jewelry again because I’ll be able to elevate my legs at the table. I haven’t made anything for so long and I miss it terribly. If I have to, I’ll sell myself on the boulevard… Okay probably not, but you get my point. lmao I really need this chair. When I found it whilst surfing the net, I started crying. I saw my ‘new’ life with this chair. I want an orange base for MS and animal awareness. It will be so cool. I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas!

I’m  back to getting the excess weight off again. I figure, if I have to be in a wheel-chariot, I’m going to be a hot bitch in a wheel-chariot! I’ve never been heavy. So this weight gain is very depressing for me. I look in the mirror and cry. Why I don’t look in the mirror much. I know if I lose the weight it will be easier for me and those who help me on a daily basis. I even turned down cherry cheesecake danish today. OMG, it was not easy! Paleo and gluten free is my lifestyle. I will do it this time… I have to.

Love and Light

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Ah Life!

So, the 4 day pain in my head has quieted…now just an agonizing throbbing. My neuro called in a script to Rite Aid for me and they said they would not take it over the phone!! WTF! By the time they let us know it was too late for Rog to drive and pick up the prescription from the neuro. All this went on I was sleeping, or I would have said to call CVS or Walgreen’s. I have been a customer at this Rite Aid for 7 years.  They now have lost a customer, and I will be calling to let them know it!! rofl

Not much sleep last night, serious back pain. I’m thinking it is from lying down for the past 4 days or it may be an infection. UTI, Kidney, Bladder…one of those. Sadly can not go to the doctor as right now can not afford it. We have to pay 2000.00 oop before the 80/20 kicks in, then 3500.00 before full coverage. Thanks to an illness, that I did not ask for, and the greedy people behind Blue Cross. My doctor uses lab corp but they [ins] do not cover lab corp [Quest], so I need a new doctor now too. NICE!!

I’m afraid to tell my neuro too much of what’s going on with me as he will put me in the Big House! lol Then he’ll have them hook me up to some IV Solumedrol. He knows how much I love that stuff. I’m actually thinking it may be a good thing, as the pain is becoming too much for me. Thanks to Rite Aid, I ended up having to take more than one of my pain killers which dummied me up enough for the headache to go but brought on serious tummy issues. Ah, the joys of being me! [for bad serious esophageal pain, white bread de-crusted – pain is gone] Seriously!

So now I sit [back pain too much to lie down] wondering what today will bring. Sorry not more positive, bit it’s hard when life hands you all the lemons and your juicer is broken! 😛

Blessings and Hope.


A great article from Truthout!

Being a person who lives with a disabilty, healthcare is a very serious area for me. I have private insurance and still have to jump through hoops for care with my insurance company. Meanwhile the rates are raised consistently. It took 8 months to be paid for my power wheel-chariot. 8 MONTHS!!

Then, constantly denied medications and/or tests until my doctor calls their rent-a-doc to get permission! WTF is that about? I think my doctor knows a hell of a lot more than their over the phone, who the hells knows who they are, what are their credentials, rent-a-doc! This is ridiculous to me.

The article, IMHO, shows what all the problems are about. The big M word; Money!!

Blessings and Peace to all!