A great article from Truthout!


Being a person who lives with a disabilty, healthcare is a very serious area for me. I have private insurance and still have to jump through hoops for care with my insurance company. Meanwhile the rates are raised consistently. It took 8 months to be paid for my power wheel-chariot. 8 MONTHS!!

Then, constantly denied medications and/or tests until my doctor calls their rent-a-doc to get permission! WTF is that about? I think my doctor knows a hell of a lot more than their over the phone, who the hells knows who they are, what are their credentials, rent-a-doc! This is ridiculous to me.

The article, IMHO, shows what all the problems are about. The big M word; Money!!

Blessings and Peace to all!

One thought on “A great article from Truthout!

  1. Great to see you here. Thanks for the article. Health Care Reform is so critical for persons with disabilities. Most people really don’t understand what we deal with. Education is the key.

    Peace & Hugs to you!

    P.S. We really are twins.. I used this layout for my “Turned Pages” blog. : )


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