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We see at all the networking sites ‘What’s your status’ etc. Have you ever felt like putting ‘blank’?

I have had all kinds of things going on in my mind and all ready to blog them, then BAM nothing. I log in here get ready to blog and wooosh the thought go flying out like a birdie from it’s nest. Just flutters away.

Last night I could not sleep. So many things rattling around in my head. I felt like a bingo ball roller. I had all kinds of ideas to blog about today. Then sleep came and thoughts all gone. Usually, I will get up and write down the ideas on paper and then decipher them in the morning. But, last night it was so late and I was afraid I would wake someone up. I can remember bits and pieces of my thoughts, but they come out like a horror movie all over the place. My dreams can be very creepy due to some of the medications I have to take. I try to remember them so I can write them down, but somehow they are gone.

So, I wonder, if above all of our heads when we sleep is a ‘thought’ taker. A lil cloud that consumes your thoughts and dreams and teases you like a an older sibling. Putting it close to you, then snatching it away with an evil grin taunting you. You keep reaching for it an it gets pulled further and further from you. You strain to grasp it, but it always just out of reach.

So, one day, I purchased a voice recorder to ‘save’ my thoughts when I get them, but then realized, “Like that’s not gonna wake up the house?” For the daytime it’s great, but most of my thoughts and ideas come to me at night when the house is still and dark. The only lights are from my Mac screen and lit keyboard. It is then I can close my eyes and really hear myself. The occasional car passes outside with a hum of the tires on the road. Every now and then one of my furbabies makes a lil groan. Letting momma know they are there. Peaceful at last…

Maybe, in not having a thought and feeling blank, I found a thought and am no longer blank. Satisfaction!

Blessings and hope!

5 thoughts on “Blank

  1. I knows what you talks about, I have a journal by my bed, sometimes I write bits and pieces and then in the morning, none of it makes any sense…but while I was having the thoughts I was thinking wow…I’m really brilliant….


  2. I’ve been experiencing this a lot too. When I’m out walking Kodi all kinds of things go through my head, tons of ideas, but as soon as I sit down here, everyone of them get sucked right out of my head. As soon as I lay down to go to sleep the ideas start flowing again.

    I also have issues with needing to talk about some experiences I’ve had, but knowing there are people reading who will assume I’m speaking to/about them. I become so self-conscious about how to share things, I get blocked.

    Feel like I have lost some potential gems. LOL


    1. Robin, i have learned that those who ASSume that they are being talked about, need to get over themselves as they usually are not that important to be talked about! lol

      I just say it, if someone does not like it, then do not read! So, write away!!


  3. Hey, Tracy!
    I hate it when I forget some really vivid, exciting dreams. How can than happen? Yep, must be the bratty “thought taker”, except mine’s the little sister. Grrrr!
    I hope you’re hanging in there, GF.
    Come visit me at my new blog.
    Love, Deb


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