A True OMFG moment!!

[August 19] I do most most of my shopping online. I needed to return some things, so Courtney and I went to the mall here in town.

We parked in handicapped so I had the blue line box on my cars right side for my ramp for my wheelchair to exit/enter the van. The reason the blue lined box is there. Hello!!

We go in, return the items, did a lil shopping and then we went and had lunch at Red Robin. Can you say yum!!??

We left the mall around 2 or so and it was around 100 degrees or so. [ewwww] We get to the van and the person parked next to us was parked along the blue lined box area diagonally, the the rest in the parking spot. It was one of those “I am a small man” kind of trucks. If you get my meaning. tongue out I’m 6′ tall and would have needed a crane to get in this particular truck as it was so high off the ground.

We tried to lower my ramp and it would not give me any room to get my chair up my ramp as this truck took up MY blue lined spot area. By now I am very hot, my energy draining and highly pissed off. So Courtney got in the van to move it over into the [luckily] vacant spot on the other side so I could get in.

As she did this, I wrote a lil note for the truck: “The next time you use disabled parking, park correctly. The blue area is for those truly disabled that need a ramp to exit and enter their vehicle. Remember this for future reference… ASS!!!!!!”

Now, maybe I did not need to use the last word, but it was better than keying or spitting on the truck.

I have now made up lil business like cards with this saying. Am I being rude, probably. Am I being childish, oh I hope so. But most people do not know just how hard it is to go anywhere, just getting ready, showering, dressing, takes it all out of me.

All I ask is a lil COMMON courtesy for the disabled.

First: if you really do not need to use a placard, don’t.
Second: do not borrow placards. RUDE!!! And most likely you need the exercise! HA!
Third: if you do use them and need to, be respectful and do not use the lined areas, they ARE there for a reason!
Fourth: Do not bring the disabled person, park in handicapped and then leave them in the car! What are ya stoopid!

I got my placard when first diagnosed with MS. I had it for quite some time before I ever used it. Why? At the time I was still able to walk and would never want to take up a spot for someone truly in need of one. So, use common sense and be a bit more respectful of others…then you will never find one of my lil cards on your vehicle!!

Blessings and Peace!!

3 thoughts on “A True OMFG moment!!

  1. With my placard, if I another regular spot is close by, or another HC that doesn’t specify van accessible (just getting by with a cane so far) is available, I take that, I will not use that van spot if I don’t have to. I don’t know about some people and their parking, I think there are “HC parking etiquette” (or something of that sort) notepads somewhere online, I would love to have some of those! (as a matter of fact, I think I’ll go look for them now!)


  2. Way to go Tracy!

    Cards are quite appropriate.

    The blue diagonal lines are ‘cross hatching’ and yes, designated solely for van use.

    Parking in a HC spot with a placard that doesn’t belong to you is illegal (the person the placard was issued to can lose it if caught).

    Parking in a HC spot with a disabled person, leaving them in the car and going in yourself is illegal (again, the person the placard was issued to can lose it if caught).

    When I was part of a grass roots group called “Accessible Parking Enforcement Group” (APEG), they had little book marks with a message on them about accessible parking, much like you mentioned you did with the business cards. We put them under the windshield wipers of cars illegally parked.

    Go Tracy Go Tracy Go! Education is the key to so many things


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