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Hope Floats

On Saturday [yesterday] got my butt out of bed and got showered and got moving. Did my pedaler for 15 mins, while starting my book ‘T is for Trespass’, and then got Roger going so we could go together to Sam’s Club and Wally World. This used to be our ‘thing’ we did together every weekend up until a couple months ago. I stopped going. I would take my meds and veg out and send him on his own. Part of my new ‘me’ is to get back to the things I left behind. We always have fun together even if it is grocery shopping. I finally got him moving and went on our Saturday outing together again. It felt so good to get back to life.

Roger used to work out 3 times a week, and go MX riding on Sundays.

brrp brrp

He stopped all that the same time I gave in to my MS. I should have seen the signs, but I was to caught up in my poor me, pour me a drink attitude. I’m hoping that now, he will get back to it. Our house was much more calm when we were both in our ‘right’ minds! 😛

Hope you all have a fabulous Sunday. I am off to ‘pedal’ for a bit!!

Blessings and Hope!!


Studio FM

Studio FM is not your ordinary shop. The items are funky, eclectic, one-of-a-kind, retro, antique, and the list goes on. Check our her site for the best in up-cycled designs!

Here are some pictures of my beautiful one-of-a-kind pendant necklace.

Thanks Heather, love it and will be back. BTW, get some paper beads for sale for supplies.

no face, no makeup...lolclick on images to enlarge

Only neck shots as no makeup and bad hair day! lol

Blessings and Hope!


Fabulous Vegas – finale

By now you are probably sick to death of my Vegas time. lol So here is the finale. [at last]

After charging my chariot and getting about an hour or so of rest, I could no longer sit still. Called Lu and she was at the Mall in the Planet Hollywood Hotel area. She headed back and I met her in the Paris lobby. When we got outside there was a bus getting ready to load and no way through the sidewalk area for me. We figured there would be a ramp by the stairs, no such luck. So we went back by the bus and figured we would have to wait until they got loaded to get through. A young man, who most might have looked at with ‘hoodlum’ tag, looked over and asked if we needed to get on the bus. We told him no we need to get by on the sidewalk. He was adorable, he moved the crowd out of our way to let us through. Never judge a book by its cover. He had the best smile ever. We did all the ty’s and yw’s and headed to the light to cross the driveway.

We got to the people mover escalators and kind of wondered how to go up. I have never been up a moving ramp before. lol There was one not moving but it had a rope crossing it. Just then a young man opened the rope and let us go up. It was a bit steep and i was a tad nervous going up. Lu was behind me making sure I did not tip. Lucky for her I didn’t 🙂 Then, OMG, Heaven!! The mall…

Poor Lu had to stop to every shoe store with me. lol I so wanted a pair of square toe chunky heeled boots. Unfortunately my ankles and drop foot issue + a bit of swelling made getting the dang boots on quite difficult. But, she was such a sport and went along with me. Kelly and Cynthia called and we met up with them. We checked a couple more shoes stores, lol then decided it was time for a drink!! Woo Hoo! We went to Fat Tuesdays and wow the cups they had! lol Lu and I got these HUGE cups of lava flows and then she and Kelly had a couple jello shots. Cynthia and Kelly got lil small girly drinks. lol kel-cyn-lu-mall

Kelly, Cynthia and Lu. See our biggee cups! lol The lava flow tasted nothing like the one I had in hawaii years ago, so Kelly took it up to the nice guy and he dumped it and refilled it with a pina colada for FREE!! lol So cool of him! We finally realized we needed food. lol So we went into Planet Hollywood and found an awesome sandwich shop. Must remember the name! They had the best sandwiches around. Rog finally found us, and he got some dinner as well. Cyn and Kel went back to their hotels and Lu, Rog and I went and did a couple slots then back into the mall. Rog hung for a few then I guess shopping wasn’t his thing! lol I got the kids some Vegas t-shirts and stuff. My damn chair was not fully charged as stupid me so excited did not let it charge enough. So we figured we had better head back. [only time i remembered i was in the chair as it hindered my time, dang thing] Going back down the ramp was a fun experience. Was waiting to go flying down. Lu held on the back to make sure it didn’t! lol

We finally got back to the Paris, got Laurie up and we met in the bar area. Kelly, after winning at the slots, came on over as well. We had our martinis. Sadly we were too late for the two for one martinis. lol We hung out for a bit and then Laurie had to go back up as she was leaving early in the morning. 😦 Pics and hugzzz all around. Then Lu headed up to her room as well. Kelly and I went and played slots until almost 3am. Kelly won a couple more times too. Lucky. 🙂 Then up we went.

I woke up around 8am, making poor Rog get up as well. I wanted to spend a lil time with Lu, Cyn, and Kel before we had to head home. We had room service breakfast. Oh mercy…I had vanilla bean French toast and cappuccino. I was in heaven. Rog was shocked as i had already gotten ready to go. lol Cynthia came over and up to our room and we hung out for a few, then went downstairs to meet Lu and Kel for coffee and what not. Rog got the van all packed and ready and let me hang with the girls. He really is a ‘gem’! Love you Rog!!  The girls were staying until Tuesday. Lu and Cyn were going to a convention for packaging for their shops.

It was quite hard to say goodbye for me. We all hugged and took a few more pics. Then it was time. Rog and i headed back up to the room, did the checkout and went to the parking for the van. Once we got in the van the tears rolled some. I did not want the weekend to end. I am so hoping that this becomes a yearly thing or even every other. The women are truly fabulous! This will be something I remember and cherish forever!! Thanks to all the fabulous ladies that have made my life even more full!


Blessings and Hope!!


*Drumroll Please* Day 2 Fabulous Vegas pt1

I had the best sleep ever on Friday night. My heart was full and sleep came easily for the first time in years.

Around 8:30 am I was lying there thinking about the dinner and all my fabulous friends. My cell rang and it was Lu. She was downstairs having coffee and a croissant. Then talked to Laurie and she was going to get ready to go down in a bit as well. Rog said he never saw me shower and get ready so fast. He kept telling me to slow down and save my spoons. I couldn’t, I was happy to be there and wanted to spend as much time with the girls as I could. I can be ‘sick’ at home! lol And, having a shower made for me helped so much. [here is a picture of my dream shower that is getting closer to reality]


The only real difference is my chair will be on the other wall as we have no wall that comes out. This is going to be my dream come true!

Anywho, Rog and I headed down to the bar where the girls were. Cynthia was on her way over from her hotel. YAY!!! She had gotten in late the night before. Cynthia is my chocolatier. If you want the best tasting chocolates, click her link on the side. You will not be sorry! Only made fresh and no preservatives!

Kelly went to meet Cynthia, and when they got back, you guessed it, hugs all around. We all sat around a table having coffee and chatting it up. I was in heaven. I had some of my favorite people with me. My hubby, Lu, Laurie, Cynthia and Kelly. Hubby went and got me a chocolate croissant…can it get any better than that! 🙂 We took pictures of course and sat and people watched. If you want a good place to people watch, Vegas is for you! lol Sadly it was much too early for the 2 for 1 martinis! DAMN were they good!

After our morning get together, Kelly and Cynthia headed off, Rog went back up to the room, And Lu, Laurie, and I went cruising! We checked out the shops in the Paris, mainly Shooz! Yup you guessed it a shoe store! lol They had the greatest shoes and accessories. And, if you are in the market for hooker heels, this is the place to go! Laurie tried on some awesome high heeled zebra designed shoes. And I tried on some boots. Then Laurie left us as she was going to meet Yana before our late lunch. Lu and I kept looking around and then I saw it…an Ed Hardy purse. WOO HOO! I had been wanting it for a looong time and had never seen it in ‘person’. Lu got it off the shelf for me [see it is her fault, lol] and once in my hands I knew it was mine. 🙂 I was a good girl and called hubby to ask if it was ok. Let’s just say I have the best hubby as he really never says no! 🙂

Next we went and checked out the amazing jewelry wall between the Paris and Ballys. Yes a wall of jewelry. Can you imagine? There were some gorgeous items there. I got a wonderful big shiny black acrylic gaudy faceted ring and matching bracelet. They are really cool. Then we decided to go and check out Ballys and played the Big Huge dollar slot machine. Lu hit the credit button and I pulled the Big Huge arm. We didn’t win, but I got a workout! lol Then we just walked around for a bit more. Went outside for a minute for some fresh air, then figured we had better head back to get ready for lunch at 2pm. I have to say that hanging with Lu is very easy. It felt like i had known her my whole life.

BBL with part 2. My hands get tired and I want to get all in, so doing this day in parts. Hope you come back to read.

Blessings and Hope! {new one}


A True OMFG moment!!

[August 19] I do most most of my shopping online. I needed to return some things, so Courtney and I went to the mall here in town.

We parked in handicapped so I had the blue line box on my cars right side for my ramp for my wheelchair to exit/enter the van. The reason the blue lined box is there. Hello!!

We go in, return the items, did a lil shopping and then we went and had lunch at Red Robin. Can you say yum!!??

We left the mall around 2 or so and it was around 100 degrees or so. [ewwww] We get to the van and the person parked next to us was parked along the blue lined box area diagonally, the the rest in the parking spot. It was one of those “I am a small man” kind of trucks. If you get my meaning. tongue out I’m 6′ tall and would have needed a crane to get in this particular truck as it was so high off the ground.

We tried to lower my ramp and it would not give me any room to get my chair up my ramp as this truck took up MY blue lined spot area. By now I am very hot, my energy draining and highly pissed off. So Courtney got in the van to move it over into the [luckily] vacant spot on the other side so I could get in.

As she did this, I wrote a lil note for the truck: “The next time you use disabled parking, park correctly. The blue area is for those truly disabled that need a ramp to exit and enter their vehicle. Remember this for future reference… ASS!!!!!!”

Now, maybe I did not need to use the last word, but it was better than keying or spitting on the truck.

I have now made up lil business like cards with this saying. Am I being rude, probably. Am I being childish, oh I hope so. But most people do not know just how hard it is to go anywhere, just getting ready, showering, dressing, takes it all out of me.

All I ask is a lil COMMON courtesy for the disabled.

First: if you really do not need to use a placard, don’t.
Second: do not borrow placards. RUDE!!! And most likely you need the exercise! HA!
Third: if you do use them and need to, be respectful and do not use the lined areas, they ARE there for a reason!
Fourth: Do not bring the disabled person, park in handicapped and then leave them in the car! What are ya stoopid!

I got my placard when first diagnosed with MS. I had it for quite some time before I ever used it. Why? At the time I was still able to walk and would never want to take up a spot for someone truly in need of one. So, use common sense and be a bit more respectful of others…then you will never find one of my lil cards on your vehicle!!

Blessings and Peace!!