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Hope Floats

On Saturday [yesterday] got my butt out of bed and got showered and got moving. Did my pedaler for 15 mins, while starting my book ‘T is for Trespass’, and then got Roger going so we could go together to Sam’s Club and Wally World. This used to be our ‘thing’ we did together every weekend up until a couple months ago. I stopped going. I would take my meds and veg out and send him on his own. Part of my new ‘me’ is to get back to the things I left behind. We always have fun together even if it is grocery shopping. I finally got him moving and went on our Saturday outing together again. It felt so good to get back to life.

Roger used to work out 3 times a week, and go MX riding on Sundays.

brrp brrp

He stopped all that the same time I gave in to my MS. I should have seen the signs, but I was to caught up in my poor me, pour me a drink attitude. I’m hoping that now, he will get back to it. Our house was much more calm when we were both in our ‘right’ minds! 😛

Hope you all have a fabulous Sunday. I am off to ‘pedal’ for a bit!!

Blessings and Hope!!

17 thoughts on “Hope Floats

  1. I just wanted to say first off congratulations on getting back to things you enjoy and the calmness of your home :0)
    We all need to be in our right minds to enjoy what life has to offer.
    I had struggles of my own and I to had to wake up a fight !
    I did it and I am so much happier and better off than I was on my pitty pot!
    I wish you all the happiness in the world


  2. Hope you have easy travels on your “me” road, I’m trying to get down it too, sometimes I feel like I have given up way too much! Bon Voyage! lol


  3. Sounds like you had a good Saturday 😀 Hope you have many more good days Tracy ❤

    I wish I could get my hubby out the door to do things, It's like trying to pull teeth, I think hes actually glued to the recliner chair :/



  4. This is great! I, too, feel so much better, since I started going for groceries again, going shopping, etc. It was always too easy to just let him go, thinking it would be quicker without me, it would be easier on him without me and it would be easier on me, not having to get ‘gussied up’ to go out. LOL

    I guess ‘attitudinal barriers’ aren’t just something other people create for us, but something we can create for ourselves as well.

    Lots of Huggies and Much Love oxoxoxox


  5. Yippee!!..maybe I can visit Wally World one day, sounds like fun…baby steps is what matters..I’m so happy for you, may dance a little jig..**wiggle jiggle** xo


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