*Drumroll Please* Day 2 Fabulous Vegas pt1

I had the best sleep ever on Friday night. My heart was full and sleep came easily for the first time in years.

Around 8:30 am I was lying there thinking about the dinner and all my fabulous friends. My cell rang and it was Lu. She was downstairs having coffee and a croissant. Then talked to Laurie and she was going to get ready to go down in a bit as well. Rog said he never saw me shower and get ready so fast. He kept telling me to slow down and save my spoons. I couldn’t, I was happy to be there and wanted to spend as much time with the girls as I could. I can be ‘sick’ at home! lol And, having a shower made for me helped so much. [here is a picture of my dream shower that is getting closer to reality]


The only real difference is my chair will be on the other wall as we have no wall that comes out. This is going to be my dream come true!

Anywho, Rog and I headed down to the bar where the girls were. Cynthia was on her way over from her hotel. YAY!!! She had gotten in late the night before. Cynthia is my chocolatier. If you want the best tasting chocolates, click her link on the side. You will not be sorry! Only made fresh and no preservatives!

Kelly went to meet Cynthia, and when they got back, you guessed it, hugs all around. We all sat around a table having coffee and chatting it up. I was in heaven. I had some of my favorite people with me. My hubby, Lu, Laurie, Cynthia and Kelly. Hubby went and got me a chocolate croissant…can it get any better than that! 🙂 We took pictures of course and sat and people watched. If you want a good place to people watch, Vegas is for you! lol Sadly it was much too early for the 2 for 1 martinis! DAMN were they good!

After our morning get together, Kelly and Cynthia headed off, Rog went back up to the room, And Lu, Laurie, and I went cruising! We checked out the shops in the Paris, mainly Shooz! Yup you guessed it a shoe store! lol They had the greatest shoes and accessories. And, if you are in the market for hooker heels, this is the place to go! Laurie tried on some awesome high heeled zebra designed shoes. And I tried on some boots. Then Laurie left us as she was going to meet Yana before our late lunch. Lu and I kept looking around and then I saw it…an Ed Hardy purse. WOO HOO! I had been wanting it for a looong time and had never seen it in ‘person’. Lu got it off the shelf for me [see it is her fault, lol] and once in my hands I knew it was mine. 🙂 I was a good girl and called hubby to ask if it was ok. Let’s just say I have the best hubby as he really never says no! 🙂

Next we went and checked out the amazing jewelry wall between the Paris and Ballys. Yes a wall of jewelry. Can you imagine? There were some gorgeous items there. I got a wonderful big shiny black acrylic gaudy faceted ring and matching bracelet. They are really cool. Then we decided to go and check out Ballys and played the Big Huge dollar slot machine. Lu hit the credit button and I pulled the Big Huge arm. We didn’t win, but I got a workout! lol Then we just walked around for a bit more. Went outside for a minute for some fresh air, then figured we had better head back to get ready for lunch at 2pm. I have to say that hanging with Lu is very easy. It felt like i had known her my whole life.

BBL with part 2. My hands get tired and I want to get all in, so doing this day in parts. Hope you come back to read.

Blessings and Hope! {new one}

5 thoughts on “*Drumroll Please* Day 2 Fabulous Vegas pt1

  1. That bathroom is awesome! I think I will have to start working on ideas of what I want eventually (right now we are just trying to debate with the housing mgr here to take the sliding doors and tracks off, I have to lift my legs over and that doesn’t feel so nice to drag your feet across, even worse when you fall down on that and it leaves a line across your butt!). It sounds like it was a wonderful trip!


    1. Definitely ask the mgr if you can do that. I have to have someone help get my leg up and over. It gets to be a safety issue.
      And yes, the trip was amazing for me!


  2. Tracy thank you for taking us there with you, I’m happy for you, to know you will get closer to your dream shower. I will need to see about adding bars to mine, while I can still get in and out, sometimes I have a fear of sliding, and all I would have to grap is a shower curtain that would come down with me….lol….speaking of Ed Hardy, I’ve been keeping an eye out for one at our mall, but they just don’t want to put it on sale… may need to look online. I’ll be back for the rest of your travel tales. {{HUGS}}


  3. What a wonderful trip! I am so glad you girls finally got together to meet! It sounds like a dream come true and, I have to say, that shower looks fantastic! Makes me want to get right in and stay there.

    Love reading your blog so I can keep up with your news. My heart drops on the bad days with the loss of your spoons.

    Much love and big hugs!


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