Fabulous Vegas Day two – part 2

The late Champagne brunch was Fabulous. The only thing missing was Esther. She was lying out at her hotel and was injured. It seems someone forgot to tighten down the large umbrellas. It was a very windy day and one flew from its bas and crashed into her foot sending her to the ER. So she spent most of the day there. We missed her terribly and I am hoping that she is healing up well.

We all ate way too much! The buffet was amazing. They had everything you can imagine to eat. Roger and my paleo ‘diet’ went out the window on this Vegas weekend. But oh mercy it was sooooo very worth it. Being with these fabulous ladies is so easy. It’s like we all knew each other already. There was no stress, no ‘first’ meeting jitters, just like at the dinner the night before. After we all stuffed our faces we headed in different directions. Yana was going back to her hotel for her hubbies ongoing birthday bash. Kelly and Cynthia were going to head over to see if they could see Esther. Laurie was heading up to her room to get some much needed sleep. Roger and I went back up to the room so I could change and meet Lu by the pool. So, off we all went.

Lu and I went down to the pool. It was a perfect day. It was a bit windy and the sun was shining down, but it was not too hot to bear. We were going to get a couple pina coladas, but OMG they wanted 12.00 for a small glass. Forget about it! lol I rolled all around the pool are and took lots of piccies. It was very peaceful and relaxing.

paris pool2

We decided to head up to our rooms and get a lil rest before heading out for the night. I needed to charge my wheel-chariot and change and re-charge as well. So we said cya later at the elevators and went up. I got to my room and Rog was watching some news show. He said he tried to get some sleep but couldn’t. Awwwwww. lol At this point I had no clue what we were going to do that night. I plugged in my chair and kicked back on the bed with the hubz. I was so amped I could barely sit still. Was getting annoyed that my chair was not charging fast enough. I could not believe the energy i had this weekend. It was an amazing friend rush I’m thinking.

BBL with the nights shopping festivities!

Blessings and Hope!

4 thoughts on “Fabulous Vegas Day two – part 2

  1. I agree with Ruby, amazing how the people we surround ourselves with can energize and rejuvenate us. My husband, son and furry kids do that for me. My home, in the evening, when it’s warm and cozy does it for me too.

    Sounds like you had an incredible trip that was well worth it.

    Love & Hugs oxox


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