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Independence Blue Cross, I haven’t forgotten…

With everything going on right now I think they feel like I might’ve forgotten all about them… But nope!! If anything I’m thinking about it more. I’m still waiting to find out if they’re going to pay for the medical transport that they told me I was covered for. But wait a minute, then they told me I’m not covered for it. 🤔 I just hope they understand that they better get my money back to me at the “In”network rate. I’m still waiting for my check. The last I was told is he was going to check into it for me on march 20th. Now all I’m getting are crickets. I get it you’re probably denying a bunch of people for coronavirus testing and respiratory help. Seriously, you know you are! Just get on it, and give me back my fucking money! And be prepared, because at some point you will be giving me my rehab! I have not forgotten. 😏

Sharing this picture again so that more people start to really understand what’s happening in our country with our healthcare system.

Please everyone, stay indoors and be safe! 🖤

Have courage and be kind. 

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