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Cage her like the ‘animal’ she is!

On July 30, 2013 Kisha Curtis plead guilty to animal cruelty in Patrick the Dog case.

For the full story click here.

I just pray that she gets the FULL sentence for her heinous crimes against Patrick. Even then, 18 months is NOT long enough for the torture she put him through. She’s a wicked evil piece of shit. How anyone could do that to a living being is beyond me. Pure evil she is!

Patrick is a true miracle.

Patrick- Easter 2013.  Photo from GSVS Pet Hospital
Patrick- Easter 2013.
Photo from GSVS Pet Hospital


From my blog here.

March 2011

Starved to the point where he had no temperature, then thrown down a garbage chute like yesterday’s trash, this was the life of Patrick. He is an approximately one year old Pit/Mix who was brutally mistreated/tortured by his owner.

abused and left for dead

But this amazing puppy has more spirit than many humans I know and he held on. He made it through the night to March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, and was given the name Patrick.

these eyes…

If these eyes could talk, most would probably not be able to listen about the torture he went through.

My spirit is strong!

I will fight to help other animals that are abused.

Thank You!!

Please help end this cruelty. Remember, it starts with animals and moves on to the children. Someone who could do this to a living creature, could do this to anyone.

Love and Light


2 thoughts on “Cage her like the ‘animal’ she is!

  1. I love this dog! Patrick is a true miracle! I also hope that piece of crap person gets what she deserves. Your right, 18 months is not even near enough for someone like her. She needs much more of a punishment if you ask me. Someone who can do this to an animal is evil.


  2. I would love to get my hands on that piece of garbage woman and show her how we do things in Philly!!! A good ole ass kickin!

    Patrick is truly a miracle, bless that sweet creature. xoxo


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