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Are you freakin’ kidding me!

Another sleepless night here at Casa Radford! When this happens my mind cannot quiet down. After watching some eye candy on The Vampire Diaries, namely Damon, Klaus, and Stefan, crazy thoughts went flying through my head. Get your mind outta the gutter!! lmao


Things that irritate me:

Chewing with your mouth open

People who can’t put down their cell phones when visiting. RUDE much. Stop freaking texting.

Those who answer a question WITH a question.

People who complain about getting fat, when the only thing ‘fat’ is their head!

Dealing with idiot nurses at my neuro’s office.

Angelina Jolie’s lips. Get that woman some Chapstick for fucks sake!!

Dark thoughts:

Anxiety strikes when I can’t sleep and depression sets in, then anger, then craziness. I go from crying, to wanting to just punch someone in the face, to giggling. Time for the huggy jacket! [in black please with silver studs]

My new room!
My new room!

Psycho Babble:

The next thing I know is I’m singing songs in my head. I find myself rockin’ out as I’m lying down. Hmmm, this is exercise for me. 😉 Then I ‘write’ down, in my mind, what my next blog will be. It always sounds better in my head then when I actually start typing it out. Although they don’t make much sense either way. I think sometimes I might be a tad A.D.D… Oh look, a shiny penny.

What I will say, is that being in my head can be fun. Being a tad off is much more enjoyable than being ‘normal’. I’m also kind of lucky. I may be trapped i a body I hate, but I still have a window to outside world. I have an awesome adjustable king size bed, a cool hospital type table on wheels for my MAC [my link to life], and a huge TV on my wall with wireless capabilities [Netflix, You Tube, etc.]. I’m pretty spoiled by my hubby. He’s all right… for a guy! 😛

Until next time.

Love and Light

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