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I left my heart in San Francisco…

Well, not really. I was born in San Mateo and lived in San Jose for a bit. Do you know the way to San Jose? I do!

My heart will be in San Francisco as my dd [darling daughter] is on her way there with her HS Band.

Photo by Daniel Schwen

She’s a traveling fool. Last year she went to NY and now SF. By the time she graduates she’ll be well travelled. We hope every year we can afford to send her on these band trips, as these are the times she will always remember. I so hope she has a fabulous time. She needs the break, and this is just what the doctor ordered!

Can’t wait for some pics and to see what she brings me back… hmmmm, she’d better get me a gift! 😉

Off for now! Peace out!

6 thoughts on “I left my heart in San Francisco…

  1. Hope she has a great time 🙂 Hope you share a piccy or two over in FB.. I’ve never been to the states, so it would be nice to see for that too x


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