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Well slap my ass and color me Orange!! MS Walk 2012!!

Yup it’s that time again. I seriously have slacked off this year with the promoting of the walk. My walk is this Sunday, April 15 at the Rose Bowl.

I roll so no one will ever have to hear the words, “You have MS!” No child should have to watch their mommy slowly lose her abilities. No child should have to see their mommy be taken away in an ambulance. No mommy should have to explain to their children why she can’t get out of bed, why she can’t drive them places, why she can’t play with them. (Daddies and others also have MS, but this is what has happened to me) MS is a family disease, not only the person with MS is affected.

My fabulous team, Tracy’s MSKateer’s, is comprised of the best people ever from NBC/Universal. Best looking team too! 😉

If you are able to help, please click on the banner below and donate to help find the cure. If you are not able, please share my page and/or blog as maybe someone you know is able to donate. 

Click the banner to go to my page! xx

I hope for the day when I can get out of my wheel-chariot. If that doesn’t come for me, I hope with research no one else has to ever be in a WC again.

xx, Tracy...

2 thoughts on “Well slap my ass and color me Orange!! MS Walk 2012!!

  1. Good Morning T! Sending you best wishes on the walk, wish I could donate this year, but struggling a bit with money right now…will definitely let others know.



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