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Tracy’s MSkateer’s – MS Walk 2012

My fabulous team:

Love these people!!
Sabrina, dd Shelby, and Roger
The Fabulous Bobbi
Handsome men!!
Some of my favorite girls!!
Love these peeps!
The Three Amigos! 😉
The most awesome Mascot!

Thanks to the best MS Walk Team ever!! Love you all and ty from the bottom of my heart… or the heart of my bottom! 😛

xoxoxo, Tracy

More piccies!!

Gorgeous birds!!
Get to walkin'
All done and medaled up!!


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No Walk for the Wicked… err, Roll!

I know I know, you’re all dying to know if i made the walk.. Well, by my title, nope!

My legs are swelling so much and the pain is seeping in. Been lying in my bed with my legs elevated and watching Grimm on DVR. Roger and Shelby went to the walk, which makes me feel better. I’ll get my t-shirt!! 😉 Hoping they get some good photos I can share of my fabulous team, Tracy’s MSkateer’s!

I know I’ve been kind of a bummer in a couple of my blogs… don’t mean to be. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed I can’t shake the blues off of my shoulders. Believe me, I fight them every day. On the up side, even when I’m down… I’ll never stay down for too long!


I’m lucky, as no matter how bad it gets I have the best support system behind me. My family and friends rock and always make me smile no matter how hard the tears are falling. That, in itself, makes me one of the luckiest people in the World! Now if only I could win the Lotto! 😛

Love and Light, Tracy

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Where is the rock for me to crawl under?

I’ve been trying so hard to get out out of  the ‘whatever’ mood I’m in. I’ve been blogging [duh], updating my jewelry shop[s], tweeting and pinning like a mad woman… but I just can’t seem to shake the blahs. I just wanna crawl under a rock!


Tomorrow is the MSWalk2012 and I’m so not feeling it. My legs have not been cooperating. Even being in a wheel-chariot all the time the legs have issues. I’ve been getting the shakes, and from sitting all the time, serious ankle swelling. Not liking ‘kankles’!! 😛 Kind of sucks when you have to sit and then you get issues from it. **SMH** It hurts when the legs swell and embarrassing when they just start shaking all over the place. Hubby calls it ‘the rhythm’ and always asks if I wanna dance! Dork! lol I’m fighting between dealing with pain and embarrassment, to the guilt feeling of not going. My team, Tracy’sMSkateers are the best. They had a big ole bake sale at NBC/Universal yesterday to raise money for our team. Think they raised over 1000.00!! Woot Woot! I feel like if I don’t go I’m letting them down. I really want to go, but really not a fan of pain. I even bought a cute orange shirt for the walk…

I’m going to confess something I have not really touched on in the past. I hate me! I really do not like going out in to public due to the all the weight I have gained since being in my wheel-chariot. I was once tall [6′] and skinny. Now I’m short [4’4″ in my wheel-chariot] and huge. I have gained almost 60 pounds and I hate the way I look. I try to keep away from mirrors as I get depressed. I will take responsibility that I sometimes eat what I shouldn’t, but most days I eat right. It’s so hard to lose weight when you are immobile. I’m embarrassed by my weight, and prefer hiding out at home. I know the extra weight is not helping my MS either. It truly has nothing to do with what others think… it’s all about what I think. So in a nutshell… I hate what I have become.

xx, Tracy...
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Well slap my ass and color me Orange!! MS Walk 2012!!

Yup it’s that time again. I seriously have slacked off this year with the promoting of the walk. My walk is this Sunday, April 15 at the Rose Bowl.

I roll so no one will ever have to hear the words, “You have MS!” No child should have to watch their mommy slowly lose her abilities. No child should have to see their mommy be taken away in an ambulance. No mommy should have to explain to their children why she can’t get out of bed, why she can’t drive them places, why she can’t play with them. (Daddies and others also have MS, but this is what has happened to me) MS is a family disease, not only the person with MS is affected.

My fabulous team, Tracy’s MSKateer’s, is comprised of the best people ever from NBC/Universal. Best looking team too! 😉

If you are able to help, please click on the banner below and donate to help find the cure. If you are not able, please share my page and/or blog as maybe someone you know is able to donate. 

Click the banner to go to my page! xx

I hope for the day when I can get out of my wheel-chariot. If that doesn’t come for me, I hope with research no one else has to ever be in a WC again.

xx, Tracy...