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I ‘got’ an Epiphanie!!

No, I didn’t ‘have’ an epiphanie, I got one. An Epiphanie camera bag that is.

My Canon camera bag is nice, but let’s face it, it’s more of a ‘man’ bag. It’s big and bulky and very hard to get in and out of. Being in a wheelchair it’s very hard to carry around along with my purse, phone, and well you know! lol


From the Epiphanie FB page:

Our mission is to save cameras from being banged around in purses, while liberating stylish women photographers from the Manbag.


Being in a wheelchair, the Epiphanie Bag is the solution for me! I can put the strap cross-body and lie it in my lap. It will be easy access AND carry all my other necessities of life. I’ll finally be able to have my camera with me. I cannot wait for it to arrive. The biggest and only problem I had on the site was deciding which one to buy! lol It took me over an hour. My daughter Ashley was the tie breaker.

The winner is:

Ginger in black

I did my research as well. There are ‘other’ bags [which will remain nameless] similar to this, but the comments and posts I read in forums, came right back to Epiphanie.

I must also thank my friend and fabulous photographer, Jen, for sharing the link to Epiphanies FB page.

I highly recommend checking out Epiphanie and joining their FB page if you are a female photographer looking for a new and stylish way to carry all your camera needs. Now, we do not want to leave the men out in the cold as there are many men who are secure in their identities that may love these as well. 😀

Drop on by, check them out, and tell ’em Tracy sent you! 😉

So there you have it… I GOT an Epiphanie!!!

Peace out!

PS: The Lyric in yellow and Lola in red I love as well. *hint hint* family and friends!! 😛

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